Weirdbook 32 Now Available

Weirdbook 32 Now Available

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I was delighted to receive a copy of the latest issue of Weirdbook in the mail. The last one, Weirdbook 31, the first new issue in nearly 20 years, was an unqualified success. This one seems to be packed largely with unknowns, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Best of all, it appears barely 9 months after the previous issue, which is a hopeful sign — and no easy task for a trade-paperback sized magazine that clocks in at 173 pages.

The issue contains no less than 25 tales of dark fantasy and the weird, as well as 9 poems. Here’s the complete table of contents.


“Childhood’s Dread,” by Taye Carrol
“The Other Neighbors,” by Daniel Davis
“Rare Air,” by Mark Slade
“The Children,” by J.E. Álamo
“The Radiant Boy,” by Kevin Wetmore
“The Whisperer in the Woods,” by Peter Schranz
“Sweet Oblivion,” by Andrew Darlington
“An Unsolicited Lucidity,” by Lee Clark Zumpe
“Black Carnival,” by Bobby Cranestone
“The Howard Family Tradition,” by P. R. O’Leary
“Hell in a Boxcar,” by Scott A. Cupp
“Jorōgumo,” by Kelda Crich
“Clay Baby,” by Jack Lee Taylor
“The Corpse and the Rat: A Story of Friendship,” by Joshua L. Hood
“Getting Thin,” by DJ Tyrer
“Maybe Next Door,” by Richard LaPore
“Containment Protocol,” by Leeman Kessler
“Under a Rock,” by Lori R. Lopez
“The Children Must Be Hungry,” by L.F. Falconer
“The Road to Hell,” by Kevin L. O’Brien
“Maggot Coffee,” by Roy C. Booth and Axel Kohagenv
“Baby Mine, by Marilyn” Mattie” Brahen
“In Blackwalk Wood,” by Adrian Cole
“My Longing to See Tamar,” by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
“Gust of Wind Made” by Swinging a Blade, by Molly N. Moss


Necromancer’s Lair, by Chad Hensley
The Helm, by Chad Hensley
Ex Arca Sepulcrali, by Wade German
The Laughter of Ghouls, by K.A. Opperman
Ode to Ashtoreth, by K.A. Opperman
The Necro-Conjuring Sorceress, by Ashley Dioses
What Dark Gods Are Friends to Me? by Chad Hensley
Scarlet Succubus Shrine, by Frederick J. Mayer
Penelope, Sleepless, by Darrell Schweitzer

Weirdbook is published by Wildside Press, and edited by Douglas Draa. Issues are 160+ pages, and priced $12 for the print edition, and $3.99 for the digital version. Subscriptions are currently not available, but you can buy individual issues at and Wildside Press.

We last covered Weirdbook with issue #31. Our recent coverage also includes several articles:

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Strangely, the cover artist is uncredited, in both the magazine the online cover reveal. Learn more  about the issue at the Weirdbook website.

Our July Fantasy Magazine Rack is here. See all of our recent fantasy magazine coverage here.

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Amy Bisson

That is a LOT of content. Definitely seems well worth the price.

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