Future Treasures: Return to the Isle of the Lost, a Descendants Novel by Melissa de la Cruz

Future Treasures: Return to the Isle of the Lost, a Descendants Novel by Melissa de la Cruz

The Isle of the Lost-small Return to the Isle of the Lost

This is the year of Disney. Three of the top four films (Captain America: Civil War, Zootopia, and The Jungle Book) are Disney properties… not to mention the new Star Wars film scheduled for release in December. And on the small screen, the Disney Channel original film Descendants — featuring the children of Disney’s most famous villains, including Maleficent and Jafar, and Cruella de Vil — has proven to be a big hit.

Melissa de la Cruz’s The Isle of the Lost, released in hardcover by Hyperion last year, was the prequel to Descendants, and it became an international blockbuster. The novel spent thirty-seven weeks on the New York Times bestseller list — including fifteen at the #1 spot — and has more than a million copies in print. Descendants proved to be the #1 most watched cable TV movie of 2015 (#5 of all time), and even its soundtrack soared to #1 on iTunes.

Now de la Cruz brings us a second book, Return to the Isle of the Lost, which bridges the gap between Descendants and its sequel, currently in development. Everything changes for our villainous heroes (heroic villains?) when they receive anonymous messages demanding that they return to the Isle… and when their arrival sets them on the path of a new and exciting magical adventure deep in the catacombs beneath the Isle of the Lost. Return to the Isle of the Lost will be published by Disney-Hyperion on May 24, 2016. It is 313 pages, priced at $17.99 in hardcover, or $12.99 for the digital version.

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So, ah…I was struck by this concept (I had never heard of this movie until–once again–John brought it to my attention) and…don’t tell anyone…paid Amazon $4 to watch this last night with my wife. Let’s just say I forgot that it has been a long time–a VERY long time–since I last watched Disney sing-alongs with my little ladies. A bottle of wine assisted us through it.

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