Back Issue 86 Now Available

Back Issue 86 Now Available

Back Issue 86-smallBack Issue is one of the best comic magazines on the market, especially if you’re a fan of comics of the 70s, 80s, and today. The latest (February) issue is a 100-page giant, celebrating the Marvel Bronze Age Giants like Marvel Tales, Fantasy Masterpieces, and Marvel Triple Action. I have many fond memories of curling up with those lengthy treasures long ago, and looking through the full-color digital issue preview brought them all back. Here’s the issue description.

Back Issue #86 (bonus-size 100 Full-Color pages, $9.95) takes a big look at Marvel Bronze Age Giants and Reprints! We open Marvel Comics’ vaults for an in-depth exploration of its GIANT-SIZE series! Plus: indexes galore of Marvel reprint titles, Marvel digests and Fireside Books editions, and the last days of the “Old” X-Men. Featuring the work of DAN ADKINS, ROSS ANDRU, RICH BUCKLER, DAVE COCKRUM, GERRY CONWAY, STEVE GERBER, STAN LEE, WERNER ROTH, ROY THOMAS, and more. Re-presenting the cover of Giant-Size Marvel Triple Action #1 by JOHN ROMITA, SR.! Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

See the full details on issue 86 at the TwoMorrows website.

Back Issue is edited by Michael Eury, and published by TwoMorrows Publishing. Issue #86 is cover-dated February 2016. It is 100 pages in full color, priced at $9.95. The cover is by John Romita, Sr. An eight-issue subscription is $73 in the US ($31.60 for the digital version). Order right from the TwoMorrows website.

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Nick Ozment

For many years, most of those Bronze Age comics we grew up on could be had for next-to-nothing. If you wanted to revisit some nostalgic childhood memories with old issues of Warlord, Devil Dinosaur, Micronauts, Rom, Conan, or any of the superhero titles mentioned above, you could find them for less than a buck apiece.

That’s started to change. I’ve noticed pricing trends on those ’70s and ’80s titles starting to shift upward. A lot of them can still be scored fairly inexpensively in lots — maybe a buck or two apiece now rather than 50 cents — but no more quarter or 50-cent bargain-bin deals from dealers wanting to clear out inventory. I’m predicting that trend will continue: if you want some of those childhood favorites, get ’em now!

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