Knights of the Dinner Table #219 Now on Sale

Knights of the Dinner Table #219 Now on Sale

Knights of the Dinner Table 219-small DC Showcase 12 Challengers of the Unknown-small

The latest issue of Knights of the Dinner Table boasts another great Kirby tribute by the fabulous Fraim brothers. The cover is an homage to DC Showcase #12, featuring the Challengers of the Unknown, drawn by the great Jack Kirby and originally published in 1957. (Kirby later claimed he reused elements from this series at Marvel Comics, when he collaborated with Stan Lee to create The Fantastic Four four years later.) Click on the images for bigger versions.

I remember buying the very first issue of KoDT, at a comic convention here in Chicago. I had no idea then that it would become one of the longest-running independent comics in history.

Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine is written and drawn by my friend Jolly R. Blackburn, with editorial assistance by his talented wife Barbara. Readers of the print version of Black Gate may remember the KoDT spin-off The Java Joint, which appeared in the back of every issue (and was eventually collected in a single volume in 2012).

Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine is an essential publication for adventure gaming fans. In addition to Jolly’s hilarious strips, it’s packed with gaming columns of all kinds, keeping you informed on the latest and greatest in the industry.

KoDT 219 has no less than 11 full-length strips, plus some short “One-Two Punches.” Here’s the complete Table of Contents.

The Strips

“A Storm Cometh…” — The Hard Eight team shows up at the Games’ Pit, to Eddie’s shock
“Pump up the Jam” — Bob’s attempt to send a warning to Dave is hindered by the oppositions’ spell lobbers
“A Pleasure to Delay You” — Bob’s courier is intercepted and distracted
“Rumble Down Under” — Patty runs a tight ship in the basement war room
“The Numbers Game” — Gordo tries to cash in on the crowd’s desire to get a seat in B.A.’s game
“Ready to Roll!” — Crutch shows up to help B.A. shake things up
“Taking Off the Gloves” — Crutch plays Marvin, as B.A. uses him to gain control of his game
“The Four Hack Smiths” — Hard Eight’s appearance at the Games Pit stirs up the crowds
“Uninvited Guests” — Gary Jackson and crew make a grand entrance at B.A.’s table
“Rules Lawyer Slap Fight” — Logan and Ty object to Hard Eight’s team entering the fray, claiming it would violate HMA rules
“One-Two Punches”

Special Features

Vidar’s Final Trek — A HackMaster adventure for 8th-9th level characters
by George Fields

Deep Gnomes – The Deep Gnome Realms of Tellene
A vast kingdom of gnomes is revealed. Come, explore their realm.
by Lloyd Brown III

Regular Columns

Web Scryer: Uncover Your RPG Destiny with Fate by Ken Newquist

GameMaster’s Workshop

Deadly Trappings: See Saw Slide by Barb Blackburn
Bait and Tackle: Adventure hooks on the fly
All Things Magic: Tunic of Swiftness by Barb Blackburn
Denizens of Tellene: Fanuel Garanstern & Vesynra Sadeer by Barb Blackburn


Lost Game Safari: Space Opera by Alan Hume
Off the Shelf: Timeline by Noah Chinn
Brian’s Picks: Bigfootses, Postcard Empire, Advanced Title Bout


Cries from the Attic: Editorial of a Madman: A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy by Barb Blackburn
Table Talk: Our Readers Talk Back
Weird Pete’s Bulletin Board
Back Room at the Games Pit
Parting Shots

Other Toons

SnarfQuest by Larry Elmore
Unnamed cartoons by Noah Chinn, Michael MacNeill, Jim Wampler, Scott Kroll, Benjamin Pierce

We last covered Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine with issue #200.

Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine #219 was published by Kenzer & Co on February 13, 2015. It is 64 pages, priced at $5.99. Learn more at the KenzerCo website.

See our Late April Fantasy Magazine Rack here, and all of our recent magazine coverage here.

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Wild Ape

One time when a hurricane came to threaten our fair city we ended up having to evacuate. You didn’t have much time so we loaded up kids, dog, cat, pictures, valuables, and as much as we could fit into the trailblazer. We were going to meet up with friends inland and stay at the same hotel to weather the storm. We entertained ourselves and the kids with RPGs. It is funny that nearly everyone who showed up at the hotel saved a set of RPG books along with their valuables. We all laughed about it.

I can picture the characters from Knights of the Dinner Table doing the same thing. My friends and I love it.

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