Goth Chick News: Arnold Schwarzenegger (is not) the Zombie Terminator

Goth Chick News: Arnold Schwarzenegger (is not) the Zombie Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be back in his cold steel Terminator role later this year, but first it looks like he’s going to get all warm and gooey.

In a new film called Maggie, Schwarzenegger plays a loving father to a teen daughter he’s doing his best to protect at the peak of a zombie apocalypse. When Maggie becomes infected, the all-consuming virus begins to transform her into an undead creature with a budding appetite for human brains. Wade stands by her and attempts to ward off the authorities who are trying to collect her for quarantine and termination. Though her condition worsens, Wade is firm in his love; although Maggie would like him to save himself from the disease that is undoing her humanity.

Schwarzenegger manages all this while dropping only a few manly tears and sporting a grief beard that would put Tyrion Lannister to shame; though I’ll bet you an adult beverage that sometime before the credits roll we’ll see Arnie doing what he does best, involving fire and heavy weaponry.

Freshman Henry Hobson is in the director’s chair, and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine and Zombieland) stars as Schwarzenegger’s ill-fated daughter. Maggie is scheduled to hit theaters May 8th.

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As for the genre, would you say Dark Comedy? Light Drama? …Gotta admit, the questions keep mounting: Who green lighted this? What’s the budget? Who’s the Target Audience? Are there any WWII Austrian Nazi Zombie cameos? Will “Ah-Mold” mutter “Ahl be bahck”?

Me personally shelling out $$ to see this in the theater depends on one variable only: If Pee-Wee Herman is in it, I’m in like Flynn! ;-D


Okay, okay,

If Paul Reuben reprises his role as “The Spleen” from “Mystery Men,” and his “super power” is employed to combat the growing zombie hoard, I’ll pay for a friend…swear on my life I will 🙂

John ONeill

If ANY CHARACTER from Mystery Men makes an appearance, I’d be delighted. I love that movie! (Mind you, this might not be the ideal venue…)


Consider the kewlness:

Mystery Men Too: Zombie Mashup

…who WOULDN’T pay to see that?!?


I appreciate the backfill,

And Ms Breslin I get completely…gal’s got acting chops (she was jeen-yus in Sunshine).

But Schwarzey? …I don’t think I need to watch the trailer to confirm my confusion…

I can still hold out hopes for a Ruebens cameo though 🙂


Well I apologize,

The trailer was better than I expected, and even Arnold seemed…palatable.

Interesting pick!

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