Can’t Keep a Great Buncha Folks Down

Can’t Keep a Great Buncha Folks Down

Writing Fantasy HeroesOr as Charlie Daniels sang, “RBE will rise again.” Or maybe not, but it is what he was thinking. Or maybe not.

It is, however, the truth. RBE (Rogue Blades Entertainment) has resurfaced online, finally putting up its first website in two years at Rogue Blades Presents.

It’s been a bit and then some, but the house is making strides and a comeback’s round the bend. The site is up, the books are all listed, the authors and artists are accounted for, and the future looks promising.

In recreating the site, I even discovered something spectacular: all of the old Home of Heroics posts! Granted, they’re buried in a mass of gibberish in an XML file, but it’s nothing a little elbow grease, good eyes, and lots of time won’t salvage. Volunteers?

Drop on by the new joint and share your thoughts of it; grab a book while you’re there.

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John ONeill

Congratulations Jason! The new site looks terrific.

Glad to hear you found those Home of Heroics posts, too! You assembled a really great collection of writers, and it would be marvelous to have those posts accessible once again.

John ONeill

I add a pic of WRITING FANTASY HEROES to every post on the blog, just by default. Turns out it was appropriate for once. 🙂

Ty Johnston

Holy snot! I’m so glad I checked out BG tonight. That is HUGE news.

Congrats, Jason.


Glad they are back up. Still want to buy some of their books. So many books, so little funds:(

Fletcher Vredenburgh

Excellent AND awesome! Great that RBE is back on the interwebs and looking good.

Joe H.

Excellent! Will Behemoth for Kindle be going up on Amazon?


This is great news! I hope you ll be able to publish the other anthologies you had planned like Assassins

John ONeill

What Glenn said. I’d love to read the Challenge anthologies, and Assassins.

[…] let you know that the Rogue Blades Entertainment has returned.  Publisher Jason M. Waltz made the announcement over at Black Gate earlier today.  The small S&S publisher went on hiatus a few years ago.  Fortunately RBE is […]


Outstanding! Congratulations, Jason. I’ve posted an announcement on my blog to help spread the word.

Jason T

That’s fantastic news, Jason. With your love and enthusiasm for the genre, it was only a matter of time…

Welcome back RBE!

Jason Thummel

Bruce Durham

This is some of the best news I’ve heard all year, Jason. Looking forward to see what the future holds.

John Whalen

Welcome news, Jason. I remember Home of Heroics fondly.

Bill Ward

Hell yea, looking forward to what you do next Big Guy!

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