SF Signal Roundtable with Enge, Jones, and O’Neill

SF Signal Roundtable with Enge, Jones, and O’Neill

sf-signal-iconWhile SF Signal’s Patrick Hester was at Worldcon a few weeks back, he went on a whirlwind series of adventures. Seriously, starting from his long drive from the western United States until his long return, I’m not sure he got in more than a few hours of sleep every night.

Along the way, he corralled John O’Neill, James Enge, and me, which was a little like herding cats, except that I was so tired I was pretty easy to get moving. James and I talked about our new and upcoming releases (so, plenty of info on Morlock and the writing thereof, as well as Dabir and Asim and the writing thereof). And John O’Neill talked about the past and future of Black Gate and what lies in store for writers and readers of my favorite magazine.

Patrick kept the interview moving along with thoughtful questions and insightful follow-up, and I think the result is pretty interesting — if you’re into Black Gate, sword-and-sorcery, or historical adventure, that is. I hope you’ll drop by and give it a listen!

The interview can be found by following this link.

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I’m downloading this on my phone right now. Don’t disappoint me — even if you have to travel through time to fix things…


Very interesting interview. John blackgate.com has been a place I visit after I get home from work for a couple years now. I had never even heard of sword and sorcery before I started poking around the website.

I can’t wait for bones of the old ones.

James I loved a guile of dragons. It was great seeing a Morlock story with a different tone but it still contains a lot of the story elements that made me love this crooked way and the wolf age.

I feel bad for you because your writing style is so different and original that it’s hard to market. Besides having dwarves, I don’t see the Tolkien similarities. Can’t wait for the next book.

Thanks for posting the interview

John ONeill


When have we ever disappointed you? The only way this could have been better is if you’d been able to join us.

John ONeill


Thanks for the kind words. And I’m glad we were able to introduce you to sword & sorcery! We’re doing God’s work, no question.


I’ve really enjoyed listening to this. Especially now that I know the expressions you’ll all be making 🙂

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