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Tangent Selects Six Black Gate Stories for its Best of 2010

Sunday, March 6th, 2011 | Posted by John ONeill

hangmans-bigTangent Online has published its annual Recommended Readling List, this year including six stories from our most recent issue, Black Gate 14:

The Hangman’s Daughter” by Chris Braak
Devil on the Wind” by Michael Jasper and Jay Lake
Red Hell” by Renee Stern
La Señora de Oro” by R. L. Roth
Destroyer” by James Enge
The Natural History of Calamity” by Robert J. Howe

Congratulations to all!

Tangent Online is managed by Steve Fahnestalk, and published by Dave Truesdale. The complete Recommended Readling List is here.

Art by John Kauffman for “The Hangman’s Daughter.”

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