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A Clash of Babels

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 | Posted by James Enge

I’ve been guest-blogging (with fellow Pyr author Matt Sturges) over at the Borders “Babel Clash” blog for the last week and a half, and rather than let another week go by without a Blog Gate post, I thought I’d create a handy linkdump of my posts over there. Because, candidly, I’m a little talked out at the moment. (And you thought that could never happen!)

10/21/09: “Will the Mainstream Respect Us in the Morning?”

10/20/09: “Realing It In”

10/19/09: “The Politics of Vancing”

10/16/09: “Mix and Mash”

10/15/09: “Cowboy Monsters in Space!”

10/14/09: “Engefluenza!

10/13/09: “Enge v. Elves”

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