Gen Con 2009 Report #4

Gen Con 2009 Report #4

I don’t know how many attendees are making it to GenCon this year, but the place is certainly packed. For example, here’s one of the game rooms. Not a dealer’s room, but just a room where people are playing board games.


The rooms that house the miniature war games – WarMachine, Hordes, HeroClix, Dark Ages, and the like – are typically even larger than this one. They’re spread throughout the building, in rooms both large and small. And, of course, some of the attendees choose more elaborate clothing.

Now, back to the games. This time I’m just going to focus on one – Colonial Gothic from Rogue Games. This is a secret history setting that takes place during the early days of the American Revolution. Among all of the historical events of the American Revolution, there also exist monsters, demons, and witches prowling the colonies. Your character is aware of their presence and fights against these forces.
One nice feature of the game is that it has three play styles: High Action Style, Occult & Mystery Style, and Supernatural Style. So, depending on how your GM and players prefer to play, you can run scenarios that fit the style of story that they’d all most like to be involved in. These styles are not firm – you can have an Occult & Mystery game that has High Action elements, of course. The overall design of Colonial Gothic is to provide the setting information and game mechanics, but to provide the player with a wide range of approaches for how to actually construct a storyline. The creator of the game is also extremely proud of the amount of research that went into the setting, so this might also be a good way to play with younger players who need to learn about this period in American history.
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John ONeill

Hey Andrew,

I’m enjoying these reports (and wishing I was at Gencon!).

I was glad to see you mention Colonial Gothic. It sounds like a terrific setting. Were there any new supplements announced at the con? Any idea if it’s growing in popularity?

– John

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