Library Thing

Library Thing

It’s been almost four years since I’ve moved, and half of my library is still in boxes, mainly because the bookshelves I’ve been wanting to install haven’t been.  Instead, there are some rather rickety temporary structures that weren’t really designed to hold books (more to display things) which are sagging under the weight of the volumes I’ve so far unpacked.  As it happens, I hope this weekend to get started working on the library, not so much the bookshelves as reorganizing what I already started, and soon realized I’d planned wrong, doing some painting and generally getting ready to install real bookshelves at some point.  I’m actually looking forward to delving into my collection and dusting off some stuff I’ve forgotten about (and/or haven’t gotten around to read).  In fact, the only thing I liked about moving was the chance to start reorganizing my books/records/CD collections, though, as the date of the move got closer, there was too much last minute stuffing into boxes hat I’m not entirely certain if all my “L” authors really are in the boxes with the “L” on them.  Could mean “late additions.”  We shall see…

Which brings me to this thing, an online way for you to catalog your stuff and get recommendations from people who like the same stuff you do. At this point, the last thing I need is more suggestions on what else I should be reading in addition to what I already haven’t caught up with, and I really don’t need a database, but I have started to add titles to the list as I finish them. I really don’t know why I’m doing this, other than that I can. Eventually, I hope to have everything shelved in a real library so that if I need something, I can physically see and retreive it. That, to me, is part of the enjoyment of books as objects after you’ve read them. But, seeing as how we are all moving, like it or not, to a virtual life in which we download pdfs and mp3s, it seems like a good place as place as any to start building these other shelves. At least they don’t cost nearly as much…




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Jeff Stehman

Delving into your collection and dusting off some stuff sounds like a good way to lose a big chunk of time. When I was a child, a couple of times a year my mother would have me do a very thorough cleaning of my room. This included removing all books from the bookcase for dusting. This inevitably ended with me sitting on the floor in the midst of a pile of books, reading.

I have no memory of ever completing the cleaning task.


I’d forgotten about LibraryThing. I used to get heaps of traffic to my blog because I’d post all my book reviews as links in there.

Ryan Harvey

I’m an obsessive LibraryThinger, and have about 75% of my Library cataloged, with extensive notes, tagging, etc., including when I started and finished a book, when I received it or purchased it, where I bought it, notes on errata, correct covers to match my addition, ratings, and links to reviews on my blog.

My library is at this address:

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