Welcome To The New BlackGate.com!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008 | Posted by David Munger

You may have noticed that we’ve got a new look here at BlackGate.com. Not only does the site have a fresh appearance, it’s also got a different engine under the hood. We’ve migrated to using WordPress as our publishing engine, which will allow us to introduce some new features.

We now offer RSS feeds for convenient updates through the rss reader of your choice.

And you can now leave comments to discuss your reaction to our posts and online articles.

Finally, we will soon introduce our official bloggers who will be contributing regular content to the site.

We’re excited about these new features, and hope you are too!

A Review of The Book of Joby

Monday, November 10th, 2008 | Posted by Managing Editor Howard Andrew Jones

The Book of Joby - cover

By Charlene Brusso

Arthurian legend has had a lasting impact upon western literature and fantasy fiction in particular. Over the last decades an immense number of writers have explored the Arthurian mythos in a variety of different ways. This week, Charlene Brusso examines a recent book that explores a conjunction of Arthurian and Christian stories in a modern setting.

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A Review of Gentleman of the Road

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 | Posted by Managing Editor Howard Andrew Jones

Gentlemen of the Road - cover
By Rich Horton

There’s been much talk in all kinds of circles about Michael Chabon’s appreciative stance on genre fiction. Last year there was even more talk about his most recent novel, Gentlemen of the Road, amongst fans of fantasy, and, more particularly, readers of heroic fiction. The talented Rich Horton decided to take a look for himself, and share his opinion with you.

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