Jane Lindskold gives Black Gate its First Ever Audio Interview

Jane Lindskold gives Black Gate its First Ever Audio Interview

photo by Pati Nagle

Jane Lindskold was kind enough to talk to me in her home about a month ago. We discussed wolves, TreeCat culture, enduring friendships with other writers, and of course, her writing. This is the first audio interview I’ve ever done, and as I’ve just learned from Jane, hers too. I found that rather shocking, given how eloquent she was.

The duration of this interview is approximately forty minutes, so find a good time to kick back, relax, and be edified and entertained.

Interview with Jane Lindskold

Conducted by Emily Mah, September, 2012


The link to the audio file is above. A picture of the book cover for Fire Season, which we discuss in some detail, is below.


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This is an awesome interview. Unlike many “professional” interviewers, Emily Mah solicits good questions and does not talk over the answers. And hearing Jane Lindskold, who I think is one of the best writers out there, cover so many facets of her career…fascinating. Can’t wait for “Fire Season” and the “Artemis” novels to come out!!

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Hi Emily

What a lovely interview with Jane. The clock chiming in the background made it sound so cosy and I could just imagine the pair of you sitting there chatting. Indeed, it seemed far more like a conversation than an interview — which is exactly as it should be of course. And the interview itself was interesting and insightful. Well done!


[…] Jane Lindskold Gives Black Gate its First Ever Audio Interview […]

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