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Black Gate 1 – November 2000

  • 240 pages, $18.95
  • On Sale November 2000
  • Edited by John O’Neill
  • Published by New Epoch Press
  • Cover Art by Keith Parkinson
  • Interior Art by Bernie Mireault, Richard Whitters, Gabriel Morrissette and Denis Rodier

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The Dreamthief’s Daughter [Book One]
by Michael Moorcock

“Exo-Skeleton Town”
by Jeffrey Ford

“Wingless Angels”
by Charles de Lint

“Golden Bell, Seven, & the Marquis of Zeng”
by Richard Parks

Fantasy Classic: “The Dark Muse”
by Karl Edward Wagner


The Unlikely Case of News from the Edge
by Mark Sumner

Fantastic Fiction: Reviews of Books for Younger Readers
by Victoria Strauss


Editorial: The Golden Age of Fantasy
by John O’Neill

The Comics Cauldron
by Claude Lalumiere

On The Edge: Fantasy Reviews
by Paul J. McAuley

Plus numerous capsule reviews, news, and much more.


The Joy of Role Playing, or Why I Still Spend Thursday Nights in the Basement
by Todd Ruthman

One World, Many Stories: Legend of the Five Rings
by Don Bassingthwaite


Knights of the Dinner Table: The Java Joint
by Jolly R. Blackburn, Brian Jelke and Steve Johansson

Albee Schwartz, Insurance Salesman to the Gods
by Terry Flaherty, Neil Walsh and Dave Russell

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