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Author: Francesco Verso

Guest Editorial: Let’s Welcome the Future… in China

Guest Editorial: Let’s Welcome the Future… in China


For many years Science Fiction has been considered an American or English phenomenon. Take these numbers: out of 80 World Science Fiction Conventions (WorldCons), 58 have been on US territory (72% of total) and 18 on English speaking countries such as Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland or New Zealand (reaching 95% of total), while just four times the convention has been in Non-English speaking countries: Germany, Netherlands, Japan and Finland (5% of total).

Even today, the one-way cultural globalization driven by English language has reinforced the idea that Science Fiction belongs to US/UK industry and market, dangerously attracting writers, translators, editors, publishers and ultimately readers into a “reverse Black-Hole” – a bizarre world-wide-shared-belief which I’d call “Anglo-White-Hole” – where everything gets out (it takes just month for an English SF bestseller to be translated in 20 languages and enter those markets) and nothing gets in (it might take years — if not forever — for a SF bestseller not written in English to be translated in English and enter such market).

This is the real world Science Fiction has lived in for almost a century…

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