Goth Chick News: A Year of Weird; Hitting the Road with Goth Chick News

Goth Chick News: A Year of Weird; Hitting the Road with Goth Chick News

You’d think that, as we approach the 2-year anniversary of the division between “BC” (before Covid) and everything else, nothing would seem strange anymore. Yet here we are less than 8 weeks into the new year, and 2022 is shaping up to be a doozy. We’ve already experienced cars that can change colors, exercise bikes in McDonalds, French-fry-scented perfume, and a once-in-a-millennium palindrome day, and we’re not even through February yet.

In this brave new world where pillow-fighting has become a legit combat sport, it might be easy for Black Gate photog Chris Z and I to decide to remain in our subterranean offices until October. I mean, covering the horror industry might seem scary until you consider that this is the year that avatars of the group ABBA will be in concert in London for six months and the event is basically sold out.

Seriously. WTF?

But no, we won’t huddle beneath headquarters with our trail mix and Fireball stash. We will put on our big kid kilts and venture forth in hopes of bringing you tidings of even stranger people, places and things to make you feel a little better about your current situation.

So where will we be, you ask, and can you join us? In most cases you can. Here is a list of our confirmed adventures throughout the year, along with links to the public events.

Our first event is also our first road tip. The Halloween & Attractions Show requires a 10-hour, round trip car ride, which never fails to produce stories we tell over and over at cocktail parties, so watch this space.

Do you know of an event we should cover? Let us know so we can hit up the Big Cheese John O. for an increase in our expense account. And I’m also looking for suggestions for a road trip play list, because if Chris Z. plays “Dancing Queen” one more time, I’ll scream…

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