Goth Chick News: Game Over Man! Let Me Introduce You to the M41-A

Goth Chick News: Game Over Man! Let Me Introduce You to the M41-A

It was July 18, 1986 in the movie Aliens (where the year was 2122), when Ellen Ripley told Corporal Dwayne Hicks to “show her everything.” Ripley was actually referring to the totally badass M41-A pulse rifle, standard issue for the Colonial Marine Corp who is defending space at that time. Ripley ultimately weaponed up and used an M41-A to wreak alien carnage in what has become one of the most iconic combat scenes in cinema history.

Fast backward 101 years minus a month, to August 2021, where we just passed the 35th anniversary of Alienstheatrical release. Here, the Earth is overrun with a different bug for you to hunt, and now you’ve just been given the best belated gift ever…

Behold… the Hasbro Nerf M41-A pulse rifle.

This little beauty boasts a pump-action under-barrel grenade launcher and a fully-automatic blaster. Its “movie inspired” sound effects are battery powered which is also what runs the digital ammo counter on the side. Like in the film, it counts down from 10 as you rapid fire the ammo by holding down the trigger. This M41-A magazine only holds 10 Nerf darts, but you can set the counter to as high as 99 and fire away for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the sound effects as you waste the enemy. That under-barrel grenade launcher actually fires Nerf mega-darts one at time, or you can switch to a secondary trigger. The only downside here is that, unlike Ripley’s version, there is no magazine to hold multiple “grenades,” so those will have to go in your Colonial Marines-issued fanny pack. As if the blaster itself wasn’t good enough, the box it comes in is designed like a Colonial Marine Corps Crate, with weapon blue-print on the inside.

As this ultimate cosplay accessory isn’t available until October 1, I checked around and the only place I could find it for pre-order was Game Stop. But don’t worry if there isn’t one near you. They will gleefully relieve you of your $94.99 plus tax in person or online. I admittedly thought about this for about 26 seconds before placing my order.

I think I know who I’m going as for Halloween…

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Thomas Parker

This is just the beginning, GC – have you seen the upcoming Playlobil Classic Star Trek Enterprise set? So many toys, so little money…

R.K. Robinson


Space Frog

Simple math – guns+bullet-blood = BAD SAD HOLE

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