Evil Space Plants, Lecherous Dragons, and the Mysteries of the Vampire: Weird Tales 364 Arrives

Evil Space Plants, Lecherous Dragons, and the Mysteries of the Vampire: Weird Tales 364 Arrives

Weird Tales #364. Cover by Lynne Hansen

What’s this? Can it be? Two issues of Weird Tales magazine published in a single year? That hasn’t happened since (hastily checks notes) 2012!

There are other changes afoot as well, not just this insanely overambitious publication schedule. Marvin Kaye, who took over as editor in 2012 with issue 360 and managed just four issue in the last nine years, is no longer on the masthead. Replacing him as editor is Jonathan Maberry, who was Editorial Director of issue 363, which I wrote about last January.

But enough editorial gossip — what about the issue itself? It is real? Who’s in it? Who painted that awesome cover?

It is in fact real — at least digitally. Weird Tales #364 was published in digital formats on December 21, with print issues “available soon.” It’s crammed with tales of “Evil space plants, lecherous dragons and the mysteries of the vampire” by a stellar line up of writers, including Seanan McGuire, Marguerite Reed, Joe R. Lansdale, Gregory Frost, Tim Waggoner, and many more. And that entirely awesome and weird bird-lady cover? It’s by Lynne Hansen.

Here’s the complete Table of Contents.

[Click the images for weirder versions.]

Pulps issues of Weird Tales from August & October 1934. Covers by Margaret Brundage

“Too Late Now” by Seanan McGuire
“Ellende” by Gregory Frost
“Hats” by Joe R. Lansdale
“Lightning Lizzie” by Marie Whittaker
“Last Days” by Dacre Stoker and Leverett Butts
“The Beguiled Grave” by Marguerite Reed
“The Last War” by Linda Addison (Poetry)
“To the Marrow” by Rena Mason
“Feathers” by Tim Waggoner
“Trailer Park Nightmare” by Gabrielle Faust
“No One Survives the Beach” by Weston Ochse
“The Good Wife” by Lee Murray
“The Canal” by Alessandro Manzetti (Poetry)

John Miller has been conducting Deep Reads of the original Weird Tales pulps here at Black Gate; check out some of his recent articles below.

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Weird Tales is edited by Jonathan Maberry and published by Weird Tales, Inc. This issue is 165 pages (digital), priced at $12.99 for the print edition and $9.99 for the digital version. The cover is by Lynne Hansen. Order issues directly at the website here.

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oh i need to get this!


Thomas Parker

Oooo! Once I get this I’ll only need 352 issues to have a complete run!

Rich Horton

I had not realized Maberry was taking over. I think that is a good thing. The TOC looks intriguing, too.


I went to purchase this (digital version) and it had a table of contents listed. I noticed the Joe R. Lansdale (a draw besides Wierd Tales) story was labeled flash fiction and there was at least one more flash fiction piece and when coupled with some of the contents being poetry I didn’t purchase it. The $10 tag was too much.

I wish the newest incarnation of the magazine that wouldn’t die well but unless there is a price reduction for now I’ll pass.


I changed my mind and did purchase the issue. While the Joe R. Lansdale story wasn’t long (1000 words?) I wouldn’t say it was flash fiction (which I think is about a 100 words or less)

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