Future Treasures: The Ghosts of Sherwood and The Heirs of Locksley by Carrie Vaughn

Future Treasures: The Ghosts of Sherwood and The Heirs of Locksley by Carrie Vaughn

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The Ghosts of Sherwood and back cover, and The Heirs of Locksley. Tor.com, June and August 2020

Carrie Vaughn is the author of the bestselling Kitty Norville urban fantasy series, the superhero saga After the Golden AgeThe Bannerless Saga from John Joseph Adams Books, and Martians Abroad. Her latest, The Ghosts of Sherwood, arrives in two weeks and kicks off a new series of adventure novellas from Tor.com. The second installment, The Heirs of Locksley, follows in just two months.

I don’t know about you lot, but I’m always open to a quality retelling/reinterpretation of the Robin Hood myth. Publishers Weekly raved about the first one; always a good sign. Here’s an excerpt.

Vaughn (the Kitty Norville Series) turns her formidable talents to the legend of Robin Hood in this impeccable novella and series launch. When Robin of Loxley learned of the death of heroic King Richard, he reluctantly swore loyalty to Richard’s wicked brother, King John. Though the decision caused tension among Robin’s former merry band, it enabled Robin and his beloved wife, Marian, to settle down and raise their children in peace. But when a band of rogues kidnap the three Locksley children, the aging Robin and Marian brave Sherwood Forest once again, reuniting with old friends as they confront a new threat… Vaughn’s masterful worldbuilding and lovable cast promise more good things to come in future adventures.

Here’s all the deets.

The Ghosts of Sherwood (104 pages, $12.99 trade paperback/$3.99 digital, June 9, 2020)
The Heirs of Locksley (128 pages, $13.99 trade paperback/$3.99 digital, August 4, 2020)

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So did the events of the Robin Hood story happen and then King Richard died and John was put back on the throne?

I’m confused by the events here.

I’ve always been a big Robin Hood fan. Starting with the Disney movie, Outlaws of Sherwood by Robin McKinely, the Errol Flynn classic (still in my top 5), and finally stumbling on a copy of Howard Pyle’s Adventures of Robin Hood (which i loved.)

I have the two Parke Godwin novels on my shelf unread.


I forgot about that show! I watched the first episode years ago but didn’t have any way of watching it at the time. I’ll have to look it up again.

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