New Treasures: Shadowblade by Anna Kashina

New Treasures: Shadowblade by Anna Kashina

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Ah, Angry Robot. Is there any other publisher out there taking chances on new fantasy writers they way they are? They’ve certainly claimed more than their fair share of my recent book-buying dollars, anyway. Last week it was Shadowblade, the latest from Anna Kashina. In his feature interview with Kashina at Clarkesworld, Chris Urie summarized the novel nicely.

Most of us are prone to flights of fantasy. We imagine ourselves capable heroes of a mythical kingdom full of mystery, intrigue, swordplay, and magic. But fantasy stories are often shackled by shadows of elves, rings, and medieval knights. When a fantasy novel brings ideas both new and surprising, it’s worth celebrating.

Anna Kashina’s new novel Shadowblade seamlessly blends together adventure, romance, swordplay, and intrigue with a unique world. Naia dreams of becoming a Blademaster. After her training goes awry, she meets a stranger who rescued the sole survivor of a horrific massacre. This stranger wants to topple the line of imperial succession — and Naia finds herself at the vanguard of a plot that will change the world.

Anna Kashina is also the author of The Majat Code series, published from 2014-2016 by Angry Robot with moody covers by Alejandro Colucci. Check them out below.

Blades of the Old Empire-small The Guild of Assassins-small Assassin Queen-small

Covers by Alejandro Colucci

All three books are still available.

Shadowblade was published by Angry Robot on May 21, 2019. It is 397 pages, priced at $12.99 in paperback and $9.99 in digital formats. The cover is by Alejandro Colucci. Read a small excerpt at Happy Ever After, or the first 16 pages at the Angry Robot website.

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