New Treasures: Phantom Pains, Book II of The Arcadia Project by Mishell Baker

New Treasures: Phantom Pains, Book II of The Arcadia Project by Mishell Baker

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Mishell Baker’s Borderline — the tale of a cynical, disabled film director recruited into a secret organization that oversees relations between Hollywood and Fairyland — was nominated for a Nebula Award last year, a major achievement for a debut novel. Library Journal says it “Takes gritty urban fantasy in a new direction,” and Publishers Weekly called it “masterly urban fantasy storytelling…[a] beautifully written story that is one part mystery, one part fantasy, and wholly engrossing.” The sequel, Phantom Pains, the second volume of The Arcadia Project and one of the most anticipated novels of the year, arrived last month from Saga Press.

Four months ago, Millie left the Arcadia Project after losing her partner Teo to the lethal magic of an Unseelie fey countess. Now, in a final visit to the scene of the crime, Millie and her former boss Caryl encounter Teo’s tormented ghost. But there’s one problem: according to Caryl, ghosts don’t exist.

Millie has a new life, a stressful job, and no time to get pulled back into the Project, but she agrees to tell her side of the ghost story to the agents from the Project’s National Headquarters. During her visit though, tragedy strikes when one of the agents is gruesomely murdered in a way only Caryl could have achieved. Millie knows Caryl is innocent, but the only way to save her from the Project’s severe, off-the-books justice is to find the mysterious culprits that can only be seen when they want to be seen. Millie must solve the mystery not only to save Caryl, but also to foil an insidious, arcane terrorist plot that would leave two worlds in ruins.

Phantom Pains was published by Saga Press on March 21, 2017. It is 416 pages, priced at $15.99 in trade paperback and $7.99 for the digital edition. The cover photo is by Jill Watcher.

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