Announcing the Winners of The Watcher at the Door: The Early Kuttner, Volume Two!

Announcing the Winners of The Watcher at the Door: The Early Kuttner, Volume Two!

The Watcher at the Door-smallWe had a near-record number of entries in our latest contest. Not too surprising, as this time we’re giving away two copies of The Watcher at the Door: The Early Kuttner, Volume Two, the latest archival quality hardcover from Haffner Press.

This gorgeous book is a massive collection of 30 early weird fantasy tales by Henry Kuttner, and readers have been asking about if for months. We first gave you a sneak peek back in April 2015.

How did you enter? All you had to do submit the title of an imaginary weird fantasy story. The most compelling titles — as selected by a crack team of Black Gate judges — were entered into the drawing. We drew two names from that list, and the two winners will both receive a free copy of The Watcher at the Door, complements of Haffner Press and Black Gate magazine.

So let’s get right to it. The first job was to select the Top 25 entries from the numerous submissions we received over the past 9 days — no easy task, let me tell you. But after much agonizing debate (and two brief fist fights), here are the judges selections.

    1. Bob Cooper — Give Me Back My Heads!
    2. Chris Dodson — Wrath of the Mad King in the Golden Tower
    3. Kyle Crider — O, Slime That Yearneth and Singeth Out
    4. Amy Bisson — The Crystal Scimitar of Doom!
    5. George Kelley — Vampires of the Obsidian Void
    6. William White — The Lilt in Her Voice, the Grin on Her Face
    7. Aj Abrao — The Curse of the Lycanthropic Librarian
    8. Gus Gyde — All the Marmots of My Mind
    9. Larry Goka — Dark Lair of the Insect Men
    10. Jeffrey Rogers — Ghouls From Above
    11. Morgan Holmes — The Black Sorcerer Out of Time
    12. Stephen Kling — The Eyes in the Walls
    13. Sara Light-Waller — The Embalmer’s Ball
    14. Dan Sauer — Accidental Damnations
    15. Leland Eaves — Return of the Shadow of the Doom that Came to Eat Cleveland
    16. Michelle Hurzeler — A Hero Yclept Nobody
    17. Tom Smith — Tooth of Weevil, Eye of Slug
    18. Phil Hansen — The Strange Magic Pablo Picasso Utilized While Battling Diego Rivera
    19. Mick Virden — Nothing Good Happens After Midnight
    20. Rich Miller — The Terror from the Pit who Dwells in the Shadows of the Attic
    21. John Curtis — Blasphemies Nameless and Unnamable
    22. Jerry House — The Lizard Gods of the Lost Metropolis
    23. Ron Clinton — The Space Corpse with a Skeleton Key
    24. Danny Hill — The Tail of The Dirty Nickel
    25. Michael Coffey — The Path Beneath the Hills

    That’s a dynamite anthology of weird fantasy, right there.

    With the Top 25 assembled, we turn the rest over to fate (i.e. D&D dice). Our lucky die tens have spoken, and the winners are:

    Stephen Kling
    Tom Smith

    Congratulations to the winners! And thanks to everyone for entering.

    The Watcher at the Door: The Early Kuttner, Volume Two is 700 pages in high-quality hardcover format, with an introduction by Dr. Garyn G. Roberts and a foreword by Robert A. Madle. It is edited by Stephen Haffner, and was published October 28, 2016. The cover price is $45. Cover art is by Jon Arfstrom. See the complete TOC here. The book is available directly from Haffner Press.

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Wow — I WON something! Unbelievable — I never do. Now I have to work on the story that the title belongs to — YOW! No Christmas holiday for me.
Thanks to the judges! I’ll try to do justice to the story.

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