Clarkesworld 119 Now Available

Clarkesworld 119 Now Available

Clarkesworld 119-smallI’ve been enjoying Charles Payseur’s short fiction reviews at his website, Quick Sip Reviews. Here’s what he says about the August issue of Clarkesworld:

It’s a month of surprises at Clarkesworld this August, as there is an extra original story plus a story in translation from German instead of the usual Chinese translation. So there’s definitely a lot to see with four short stories and two longer novelettes. The good news is that it’s all weird. Seriously, these are stories that push at the boundaries of the imagination. That conjure up strange worlds and uncertain realities and the vastness and power of both space and violence. Stories that set aliens next to 50’s greasers and mix time travel, tragedy, and immigration. And through it all there’s a sense of yearning that pervades. For a brighter future, a peaceful cooperation, and the comfort of another presence. To the reviews!

To the reviews, indeed. After a lead-in like that, it’s hard to resist. Read his complete review here.

I’m not completely used to longer fiction at Clarkesworld yet — and there are some longer pieces in this issue, including Dale Bailey’s “Teenagers from Outer Space” (11,690 words), and Karla Schmidt’s “Alone, on the Wind” (13,449 words, translated from the German). There’s also original fiction from Kali Wallace, Emily Devenport, Sean Bensinger, and Ryan Row, and reprints by Tobias S. Buckell and Madeline Ashby.

Here’s the complete list of stories featured this issue.

First Light at Mistaken Point” by Kali Wallace
Teenagers from Outer Space” by Dale Bailey
Now is the Hour” by Emily Devenport
The Engines Imperial” by Sean Bensinger
Reclamation” by Ryan Row
Alone, on the Wind” by Karla Schmidt
The Fish Merchant” by Tobias S. Buckell (from Science Fiction Age, March 2000)
A Stopped Clock” by Madeline Ashby (from War Stories from the Future, 2015)

The non-fiction is:

Frankenstein’s Soldier: David Morrell and the Creation of Rambo by Jason Ridler
Volcanoes, Obelisks, and Spam Sushi: A Conversation with N.K. Jemisin by Chris Urie
Another Word: Peacetalk, Hate Speech by Cat Rambo
Editor’s Desk: The Little Things by Neil CLarke

Clarkesworld typically posts several Podcasts during the month. The first three are:

First Light at Mistaken Point by Kali Wallace read by Kate Baker
Teenagers from Outer Space by Dale Bailey read by Kate Baker
Now is the Hour by Emily Devenport read by Kate Baker

The cover this issue, “Regis III (The Invincible),” is by Jaroslaw Marcinek.

We last covered Clarkesworld with Issue 118.

Clarkesworld is edited by Neil Clarke and Sean Wallace, and published by Wyrm Publishing. The contents are available for free online; individual issues can be purchased for $3.99, and monthly subscriptions are $2.99/month. A 6-month sub is $17.94, and the annual price is $35.88. Learn more and order individual issues at the magazine’s website.

See the complete issue here.

Our August Magazine Rack is here. See all of our recent fantasy magazine coverage here.

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