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Five Things That Happen When You Hand In Your Manuscript

Friday, April 8th, 2016 | Posted by Violette Malan

You finished your novel

 The five things you think are going to happen:

  1. Open the bottle of champagne you’ve been saving
  2. Go out for dinner to that new restaurant
  3. Dance and don’t worry about who’s watching
  4. Finally take a siesta
  5. Get out the gun and shoot that #%&*@@# squirrel




The five things that really happen

  1. You do the laundry
  2. You clean the house
  3. You dig your way out from under the accumulated stuff in your office
  4. You clean the cat box
  5. You get out the gun and shoot that #%&*@@# squirrel


An only slightly related observations:

What’s with all the smiling people in house cleaning photos?

Violette Malan is the author of the Dhulyn and Parno series of sword and sorcery adventures (now available in omnibus editions), as well as the Mirror Lands series of primary world fantasies. Find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @VioletteMalan..



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