Future Treasures: Winterwood by Jacey Bedford

Future Treasures: Winterwood by Jacey Bedford

Winterwood Jacey Bedford-smallJacey Bedford is the author of the Psi-Tech novels (Empire of Dust, Crossways), both published by DAW. Her new Rowankind fantasy series kicks off with Winterwood, the tale of a crossdressing pirate captain and unregistered witch who’s haunted by the ghost of her husband, and who inherits a magical box from her mother… and is tasked with righting an ancient wrong.

It’s 1800. Mad King George is on the British throne, and Bonaparte is hammering at the door. Magic is strictly controlled by the Mysterium, but despite severe penalties, not all magic users have registered.

Ross Tremayne, widowed, cross-dressing privateer captain and unregistered witch, likes her life on the high seas, accompanied by a boatload of swashbuckling pirates and the possessive ghost of her late husband, Will. When she pays a bitter deathbed visit to her long-estranged mother she inherits a half brother she didn’t know about and a task she doesn’t want: open the magical winterwood box and right an ancient wrong — if she can.

Enter Corwen. He’s handsome, sexy, clever, and capable, and Ross doesn’t really like him; neither does Will’s ghost. Can he be trusted? Whose side is he on?

Unable to chart a course to her future until she’s unraveled the mysteries of the past, she has to evade a ruthless government agent who fights magic with darker magic, torture, and murder; and brave the hitherto hidden Fae. Only then can she hope to open the magical winterwood box and right her ancestor’s wrongdoing. Unfortunately, success may prove fatal to both Ross and her new brother, and desastrous for the country. By righting a wrong, is Ross going to unleash a terrible evil? Is her enemy the real hero and Ross the villain?

Winterwood will be published by DAW on February 2, 2016. It is 432 pages, priced at $7.99 for both the print and digital editions.

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