“Let’s Never Do That Again”: Check Out The First Trailer For Star Trek Beyond

“Let’s Never Do That Again”: Check Out The First Trailer For Star Trek Beyond

Now that J.J. Abrams, who directed the last two Star Trek movies, is off doing Star Wars, Paramount Pictures has brought in Justin Lin, the director of Fast & Furious, to helm the latest installment. This one sees the crew — at long last — starting their five-year mission to explore the frontier, which certainly piques my interest.

I’ve come to accept that this new generation of Star Trek is far removed from the cerebral TV show I remember. Abrams and his Fringe writing partners Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have instead turned the property into an action-movie franchise, with fist fights, explosions, and a pounding rock soundtrack. On the other hand, the script this time was co-authored by Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty and who previously wrote Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End, so that a least promises a fresh perspective. Have a look at the first trailer, just released this morning, and let me know what you think.

Star Trek Beyond is being produced by Skydance and Bad Robot Productions, and will arrive in theaters on July 22, 2016.

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Martin Christopher

You told you to say what we think. Well, here it is: It looks like a terrible travesty of Star Trek. I’ve seen the previous movie that was a terrible travesty and this looks just as awful.


I love both new and old star trek.

The abrams movies are great if you take them for what they are. An alternate universe. I love the changes, like Spock being slightly more emotional due to the destruction of Vulcan.

IDW has a great comic that start after the first Abrams movie and continues onward (that uses Robert Orci as a consultant). This series successfully makes the new material feel like old star trek.

I’ve watched the original series movies twice in the past 1-1/2 and they are fun (except the first one) but you have to admit they are rough around the edges.

I’m still working my way through the Next Generation material (on season 4) But I’ve heard aweful things about the NG movies.

So movie wise where does the ‘true’ star trek lie for you, if everyone dislikes most of the other movies?

Martin Christopher

I think First Contact is a really good movie. Would place it right behind 2 and 6.
Though indeed, 7, 9, and 10 are all just awful.

The best Star Trek has always been Deep Space Nine, which stands head and shoulders over all the others. Somewhat ironically because it is the most dissimilar from all the other shows. I am not a fan of the Federation in whatever version, but at least they are concerned with peace and understanding. Even the movies up to 8. The new movies are just brain dead explosions.

John Hocking

I admit an affection for Karl Urban’s portrayal of DeForest Kelley (I mean Dr. McCoy) but all I could think of while watching the preview was how ceaselessly and painfully Howard Andrew Jones would be wincing if he were watching along with me.

You really, really don’t want to know what I think about this or the other new movies. Don’t even get me started about how gravely the new writers completely missed the point of the characters or their mindset. I don’t mind them being rebooted, I just wish … never mind. I was starting to launch into a tirade, and I would just bore you and get my ire up.

I do like Karl Urban as McCoy, though.

Sarah Avery

Agreed that McCoy is the highlight of what I’ve seen of the rebooted Trek material. But as for everything since the first of the reboot films, my opinion is that my babysitter and date night budget only allows one film in theaters per month, and so far this series hasn’t risen to the top of the joint spousal Movie Priority List. What is Mark Rigney or Nick Ozment who talked about living in the parenting submarine? Anyhow, perfect term. And now, to lower periscope and submerge.

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