Future Treasures: Seasons of the Cats by Pamela Sargent

Future Treasures: Seasons of the Cats by Pamela Sargent

Season of the cats-smallPamela Sargent is something of a legend among long-time SF readers. She won a Nebula Award for her 1992 novelette “Danny Goes to Mars,” about Vice President Dan Quayle, but it was her Venus trilogy (Venus of Dreams, Venus of Shadows, and Child of Venus) that made serious readers sit up and take notice. Her other works include Earthseed, Cloned Lives, and the fabulous Women of Wonder anthologies. Her latest novel is in a lighter vein, a contemporary fantasy to be published next month by Wildside Press.

Gena and Don seemed an ideal couple. Young. In love. Playful and imaginative. They often pretended to be cats, purring and playing and taking on pretend roles in their made-up cat-world of “Cat”-alonia!

When they move into their first house and money becomes tight, management of household finances — what the shared Household account pays for versus what share goes to personal expenses — becomes a contention point. And their imaginary world takes a darker turn, with Household becoming an evil that threatens the harmony of their beloved Catalonia.

But Catalonia and its feline residents have become so real that they begin to intrude into Gena and Don’s world, appearing as stray cats — with a mission of their own. And they aren’t going to let the young couple destroy their world, at any cost!

We last covered Pamela Sargent with her novel The Alien Upstairs.

Seasons of the Cats will be published by Wildside Press on October 15, 2015. It is 224 pages, priced at $24.99 in hardcover, and $13.99 for the trade paperback. The cover is by Ron Miller.

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James McGlothlin

In the spirit of Lovecraft’s “Cats of Ulthar”!

James McGlothlin

Or they’re avoiding it on purpose. Might send the signal that it was a certain kind of horror (i.e. Lovecraftian, cosmic horror, et al).

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