Take Advantage of the Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale!

Take Advantage of the Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale!

Gearworld The Borderlands-smallI jumped over to the Fantasy Flight Games website last night as I was fact-checking my article on their acquisition by Asmodee, when what did I discover but a major holiday sale, running from November 19th through December 1st.

The sale covers a wide range of their catalog, from board and card games to miniatures and expansions for their Dust Tactics, Tannhauser, and Wings of War games, as well as great prices on their Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, and Anima RPG products. They’ve even got great discounts on 20 of their novels. Here’s just a sample of their holiday pricing:

City of Thieves: King of Ashes — list $39.95, sale price $10
Descent: Sea of Blood Expansion — list $59.95 sale price $5
Fortress America — list $79.95 sale price $25
Gearworld: The Borderlands — list $49.95 sale price $10
Reiner Knizia’s Kingdoms— list $29.95 sale price $10
The Hobbit Boardgame — list $34.95 sale price $10
Ventura Board Game — list $79.95 sale price $10
Warhammer FRPG: Black Fire Pass — list $39.95 sale price $5
Warhammer FRPG: The Edge of Night — list $29.95 sale price $5
Black Crusade: Core Book — list $59.95  sale price $20

Whether or not the sale is linked to their recent acquisition (and whether or not it signals they will no longer be supporting some of these products in the future) is obviously open to debate. All the more reason to move quickly if you’ve been contemplating getting any of these games — they may not be available for much longer.

There are hundreds of items on sale, but they won’t last long at these prices, so act fast. Check out the sale here.

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Scott Taylor

If I still had my board game crew near me I’d get a second copy of Fortress America since mine is missing many pieces from the 1980s days of taking it from friends house to friends house! $25 is probably what I paid for it back then.

G. Winston Hyatt

I’ve been interested in Black Crusade for a while, the last Warhammer role-playing I bought were Black Industries Fantasy Roleplay. I looks like this might be a good time to check it out…

Bob Byrne

Be curious to see a post on Kingdoms (assuming you actually unwrap it).

There’s an app version of that I’ve thought of trying.


I’ve been interested in Graham McNeill’s Miskatonic University trilogy, though I see from reviews they are far more about gaming than about Lovecraft.

Still, for $3 each … $9 for the trilogy …


We traditionally put a group order together. I think it is around 400 bucks right now.


Picked up the Collector’s Edition of the Deathwatch Rule Book for $40! (Normally $200!) and 10 more Deathwatch books for $10 each!

Bob Byrne

You ought to swing by Miniatures Market and check out their board game sale. Some deep discounts on a LOT of stuff.


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