EN World Announces the 9 Most Anticipated RPGs of 2013

EN World Announces the 9 Most Anticipated RPGs of 2013

The folks at role-playing game news and reviews site EN World have published the results of their survey on the Top 9 Most Anticipated RPGs of 2013.

The survey was conducted on EN World, Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere. Only full tabletop roleplaying games — not adventures, settings, or other supplements — with a 2013 release date made it to the list. The results were published on June 27 and summarized in the nifty YouTube video below.

Some of the impending RPG releases for the year include Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition from Chaosium, Robin D. Laws’s Iron Age drama Hillfolk (Pelgrane Press), Shadowrun 5th Edition (Catalyst Game Lab), the highly anticipated Star Wars: Edge of the Empire from Fantasy Flight, Monte Cook’s Kickstarter phenomenon Numenera, the new Firefly RPG from Margaret Weis Productions, and the massive 13th Age by D&D designers Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo. That’s enough hints; now here’s the video with all nine winners.

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James McGlothlin

Isn’t D&D Next scheduled to come out at this year’s Gen Con? And if it is, what does its absence from this list say about people’s expectations of it? Interesting.

Donald Crankshaw

I don’t know when exactly D&D Next is coming out. This post inspired me to check out 13th Age, and I did notice that some of the ideas in it are similar to ones in D&D Next. I’m not entirely sure which way the inspiration went, or if they both borrowed from someone else.

[…] fantasy release 13th Age — which topped the list of 9 Most Anticipated RPGs of 2013 recently compiled by EN […]

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