The Top 50 Black Gate Blog Posts in May

The Top 50 Black Gate Blog Posts in May

Federation Commander Klingon BorderWe published 99 posts in the month of May. 99! If I’d known that I would have tossed off one more at the last minute, just to cross that magic 100.

But we focused on quality, not quantity (he tells himself stoically). And our top article for the month — no doubt ably assisted by the release of Star Trek Into Darkness — was a look at the Federation Commander: Klingon Border board game. Number two was also gaming-related: a peek at the Against the Odds historical gaming magazine. Third was our obituary for the talented editor and Thieve’s World author Andrew J. Offutt, followed by Violette Malan’s entirely reasonable question, “Why is it Always a Northern Barbarian?” and a guest post by Milton Davis on Sword and Soul fantasy.

The Top 50 Black Gate posts in May were:

  1. New Treasures: Federation Commander: Klingon Border
  2. Explore History Through Tiny Cardboard Counters With Against the Odds Magazine
  3. Andrew J. Offutt: August 16, 1934 – April 30, 2013
  4. Why is it Always a Northern Barbarian?
  5. Sword and Soul Revisited
  6. The Hunger Games and Kids: When to Say When
  7. The Kids Are Alright: The Fate of the Novel lies in the Hands of Teenagers
  8. Forrest J Ackerman and the Days of the Do-it-Yourself Anthology
  9. Vintage Treasures: Robert E Howard’s Cthulhu: The Mythos and Kindred Horrors
  10. Remembering Ray Harryhausen Through Ten Great Visual Effects Scenes 


  11. Goth Chick News: The 2013 Chicago Comic Entertainment Expo
  12. Self-Published Book Review: Avarice by Annie Bellet
  13. New Treasures: Firebrand by Gillian Philip
  14. Mucking with the Mundane
  15. Are we Looking for a Hero?
  16. Fantasy Face Off: Henry Kuttner’s Elak of Atlantis vs Robert E Howard’s Conan the Cimmerian
  17. Goth Chick News Meets The Resurrectionist
  18. Adventure on Film: Flesh and Blood
  19. Weird of Oz Reminisces: A Friend of the Imagination
  20. Teaching and Fantasy Literature: Or Maybe It Can’t Be Toned Down


  21. Vintage Treasures: The Amazing Space Race
  22. Two Sought Adventure
  23. James Mcglothlin Reviews Writing Fantasy Heroes: Powerful Advice From the Pros
  24. Teaching and Fantasy Literature: Battles, Reluctance, and Service to the Sea of Stories
  25. Goth Chick News: Blade Slays Again
  26. Vintage Treasures: An Earth Man on Venus by Ralph Milne Farley
  27. The Summer Movies… Again: Iron Man 3
  28. Vintage Treasures: The Girl With the Hungry Eyes by Fritz Leiber
  29. J G Ballard’s The Drowned World
  30. Spanish Castle Magic, Part One


  31. Teaching and Fantasy Literature: Revenge of Son of Writing Fantasy Heroes
  32. Weird of Oz on the Art of Rating 2 of 3
  33. Get out of the Dungeon with Monsters, Monsters
  34. Vintage Treasures: Valkenburg Castle
  35. New Treasures: The Watchers by Jon Steele
  36. Sean T M Stiennon Reviews Twenty Palaces
  37. The Unexpected Delights of Renner and Quist
  38. For Want of a Nail: Jack Campbell on The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Guardian
  39. New Treasures: Cyclades
  40. 2012 Nebula Award Winners Announced


  41. Michaele Jordan Reviews After Death 
  42. Jack Vance: August 28, 1916 – May 26, 2013
  43. The 2013 Locus Awards Finalists
  44. Weird of Oz on the Art of Rating
  45. May-June Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine now on Sale
  46. Tor com Reviews First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  47. Vintage Treasures: The Awful Green Things From Outer Space
  48. Goth Chick News: Dracula Meets Downton Abbey and The Tudors
  49. New Treasures: Solaris Rising 2: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction
  50. New Treasures: Robert Silverberg’s Tales of Majipoor

The Top 5o Black Gate blog posts in April are here, and you can see every post we made in the month of May here.

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