The Top 50 Black Gate Blog Posts in April

The Top 50 Black Gate Blog Posts in April

Pressure mounts, but Tales was my most successful and well received novel, so I'm still feeling the love.We presented nearly 100 new articles on the Black Gate blog last month, covering virtually every aspect of fantasy — from Kickstarter to Red Sonja , Space: 1999 to exotic food.

Why do we do it? Here’s a clue: it’s not the great pay, or the breezy offices of our rooftop headquarters here in downtown Chicago. It’s not the allure of maverick journalism, and the way publishers tremble when we walk into a room. It’s not the travel, or the lousy expense accounts, or the drunken nights playing poker with George R.R. Martin and Gordon van Gelder (man, that guy can bluff). It’s not the endless review copies of the latest fantasy releases, or the —

Hold up there, Sparky. Review copies? Ummm, those are pretty cool. Yeah, free books never get old. Forget what I just said. We pretty much do it for the freebies.

Plus, we do it for you, our fans. For the great letters to send us, and the thoughtful comments, and those books you mail us with sticky notes that say, “Just thought you’d like this!” Seriously, you guys rock. Also, free books. Those are great too.

Here’s what the Black Gate supercomputer tells us were the 50 most popular articles we published last month. Enjoy. And keep those comments and mail coming!

  1. Art of the Genre: The Joy and Pain of Kickstarter [and How Backed Projects Still Fail]
  2. An Open Letter from Jeremy Lassen at Night Shade Books
  3. Vintage Treasures: Chaosium’s Thieves World
  4. Red Sonja: The Novels
  5. Teaching and Fantasy Literature: Writing Fantasy Heroes
  6. Night Shade Attempts to Avoid Bankruptcy with a Sale to Skyhorse Publishing
  7. The Company That Time Will Never Forget: A Visit to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Incorporated
  8. Red Sonja: The Movie 
  9. Are You Going to Eat That?
  10. Vintage Treasures: The People of the Black Circle by Robert E. Howard 


  11. 2013 Hugo Award Nominees Announced
  12. Blue Sonja: The Last Red Sonja post
  13. What Makes a True Hero? Announcing the Winners of the Writing Fantasy Heroes Contest
  14. Teaching and Fantasy Literature: Is This Big Fat Fantasy Epic a Tax-Deductible Business Expense?
  15. Secret Identities and the Gothic: That Demmed, Elusive Pimpernel
  16. Vintage Bits: Sword of Aragon
  17. What About Second Breakfast?
  18. Michael Moorcock’s Von Bek: A Review
  19. Hammett Undone
  20. Romance and Revisions: The Outlaw of Torn by Edgar Rice Burroughs


  21. Last Chance to Win a copy of Writing Fantasy Heroes From Rogue Blades Entertainment
  22. Teaching and Fantasy Literature: More on Writing Fantasy Heroes
  23. Set Sail on the Waters of Darkness
  24. Teaching and Fantasy Literature: How to Rehabilitate a Readicidal Maniac
  25. The Fantasy of 47North
  26. An Interview with Mystery Writer Todd Robinson
  27. The Scariest Hour in TV history: Space: 1999 “Dragon’s Domain”
  28. New treasures: Dragonslayers From Beowulf to St. George, by Joseph A. McCullough
  29. Pass the Salt, Please
  30. Goth Chick News: Sookie soon to be Dead Ever After


  31. Martha Wells’ Emilie and the Hollow World on Sale Today
  32. Marvel Team Up 79
  33. The Resurrection of Dr. Phibes
  34. Adventure on Film: Westworld
  35. Skull Island eXpeditions is the New Fiction Imprint of Privateer Press
  36. Centurion on Kickstarter: After Action Report
  37. David W. Hill’s At Drake’s Command Available Free in Kindle Format
  38. Weird of Oz Reviews Showgirls, Teen Wolves, and Astro Zombies
  39. Fantastic Science Fiction Stories December 1959: A Retro-Review
  40. Disney Shutters Lucasarts


  41. New Treasures: Dungeons of Dread
  42. Can You Hear Me Up There?
  43. Self-Published Book Review: Broken Shell Island by Dalya Moon
  44. Roger Ebert, June 18, 1942 – April 4, 2013
  45. Marie Corelli and the Quality of Badness
  46. Dominate your Desktop with an Eye of Sauron Lamp
  47. Vintage Treasures: The Blind Spot by Austin Hall and and Homer Eon Flint
  48. Basil Copper, February 5, 1924 – April 4, 2013
  49. P G Sturges Delivers his Best Yet
  50. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 1961: A Retro-Review

The Top 5o Black Gate blog posts in March are here.

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