Star Soldiers and Other Free Kindle Books at

Star Soldiers and Other Free Kindle Books at

Star SoldiersOne of the nice things about my Kindle is the occasional free e-book or two. Sure, you have to hunt for them, and they’re rarely available for long, but that’s all part of the fun. For book lovers it’s much like the thrill of Black Friday sales, without having to get off the couch. Or stampeding over some guy from Hoffman Estates to get to that David Weber novel.

As part of our continuing efforts to bring you great reading without getting off your couch, we’re proud to present you a list of free Kindle titles from Baen Books, including Star Soldiers, an omnibus volume of two classic novels from SFWA Grand Master Andre Norton: Star Guard (1955) and Star Rangers (1953).

Star Soldiers, Andre Norton
Time Traders, Andre Norton
Northworld Trilogy, David Drake
The Tank Lords, David Drake
Seas of Venus, David Drake
The Sea Hag, David Drake
Starliner, David Drake
With the Lightnings, David Drake
A Desert Called Peace, Tom Kratman
On Basilisk Station, David Weber
The Honor of the Queen, David Weber

All are available from

Just like Black Friday sales, free Kindle books tend to vanish quickly. So if you’re interested, we suggest you act fast.

Thanks to the hard-working John DeNardo at SF Signal for the tip!

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This must be part of the new deal Baen finally struck with Amazon.

Until recently, Baen always did their own e’book selling.

Included in that is a large Free Library (which probably includes all these and more.)

While you don’t have one-click convenience (you need to download and then copy to Kindle manually,) Baen’s e’books are the best kept e’book secret on the Web.

They ALSO carry Night Shade Books e’books and other publishers.

All this usually for $1 less or better than getting from Amazon, btw.

Just go to http:/ and take a look at the e’books section.



Thanks for the heads up, John. There were a couple of free David Drake books listed that I wasn’t aware of. Scouring Amazon for free e-books has become a bit of a regular thing for me. It’s good to see that the Baen library is more easily available to those readers who may not have known about it before. One of the nice things about owning a Kindle or a Nook is the incredible amount of free material that’s available. Between the 1000’s of good, free e-books and the hundreds of newspapers and magazines that are free of charge over a 14 day trial subscription, it’s entirely possible to buy a Kindle or a Nook and not spend another dime on reading material. And then there’s all of the great fiction and nonfiction that’s available for next to nothing. No matter what one’s interest is it’s there for a buck or two.


I’ve got a Kindle Paperwhite that I just bought a few weeks ago. Before that I used a 3rd generation Kindle Keyboard that I received as a birthday present a few years ago. The almost quantum leap from the 3rd Gen to the PW is amazing. Not only is the PW’s text and images 100% sharper but the page turns are so smooth that you hardly notice them. And then there’s the lighted screen which makes reading in a darkened place much, much easier. Of course, there’s always a few drawbacks and the PW has a couple. For one thing they’ve ditched the audio system which means that it’s now impossible to use the text-to-talk or to listen any audio books. And then there’s fact that the PW has half of the memory that previous Kindles do. Personally, I’ll miss the audio system but the size of the memory has never been a big deal to me. As far as the Nook goes I do have a little bit of first hand experience with the Simple Touch. My brother and his fiancee own a couple of Nook Tablets as well as a Nook Simple Touch which they seem to like. I’ve fooled around with their Simple Touch more than a few times and I found it to be a good quality e-reader. Comparable in fact to the Kindle. The new PW has a sharper screen and lights up more evenly but all in all both companies put out good, solid products. The main area that Amazon beats B&N in is the overall number of e-books that are available. This was one of the main reasons that I stayed with Kindle but in the end B&N’s e-book numbers seem to be getting better.

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