Join Howard Andrew Jones on Ask Me Anything on Reddit

Join Howard Andrew Jones on Ask Me Anything on Reddit

Howard Andrew Jones and his attack chickenBlack Gate Managing Editor Howard Andrew Jones has put out the word that he’ll be on Reddit tomorrow:

Hope you’ll join me at Reddit Thursday for a live interview, part of their Ask Me Anything series. You can ask me anything you’re curious about regarding this whole fantasy writing gig, so I hope you’ll drop by, and help spread the word!

Howard joined /r/Fantasy for an Ask Me Anything event a year ago, shortly after the release of his first novel, The Desert of Souls, where he was asked “How do you handle portrayals of sexism and racism when writing historical fantasy?”, “What RPGs do you play?”, and “How do you feel about piracy of your books?”

Click here for the official link.

No word on whether or not the chicken will be there.

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Sarah Avery

Given the combination of expression and gesture in that photo, I always imagined the chicken was destined to be a blood sacrifice for some sort of dire sorcery.

I was doing my best “Bond villain with savage attack animal” impression that I could. Note the ring of power, and my mind control look, as though I’m sending forth the leader of my flock of killer roosters.

The sad thing is that this rooster was actually very gentle (owing to my daughter’s constant handling of him when he was young). Most rooster’s aren’t. He apparently put up quite a fight when the foxes finally got him, judging from the carnage.

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