Star Trek Into Darkness Official Trailer Released

Star Trek Into Darkness Official Trailer Released

It’s been a packed few weeks for Star Trek fans.

First Paramount released a one-minute teaser trailer which generated more questions than it answered. Then, viewers who attended the opening of The Hobbit on Friday were treated to the first nine minutes of the film. And now comes the release of the first full trailer.

It’s been fun to watch all the speculation that’s resulted (see Chris Lough’s entertaining article Has Star Trek Into Darkness Revealed That It’s the Contemporary Wrath of Khan? over at, for example). If you’re looking for Wrath of Khan similarities, there’s a few big ones in the full trailer.  Check it out below.

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I don’t know. While likely to make hundred of millions of dollars, I really could care less about the Star Trek reboot. Hated the first one.


The destruction of Vulcan (and Romulus) was one of my biggest issues with the film. Another problem is that it didn’t “feel” like Trek. More like a shiny, boom filled pastiche. Plus, I’d have to wait decades for the Dominion War to be retold.

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