Star Trek is New Again With Fresh Animated Intro

Star Trek is New Again With Fresh Animated Intro

Our buddy John DeNardo at SF Signal tells us about this extremely cool re-imagining of the original Star Trek intro, with William Shatner’s famous voice over… and some very compelling animation.

Keep your eye out for a red shirt who buys it half a second after beaming down, right around the 20 second mark.

The video was produced by The Quintek Group, a digital retouching studio in the Detroit area.

I got seriously nostalgic watching this. It makes me want to blow the dust off my DVD box set of Star Trek Season One and enjoy a few episodes.

Thanks, John. Owe you one.

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John D.

My pleasure. That’s what I’m here for. Apparently. 🙂

John D.

John, that security guard’s not buying it, he’s being transformed into one of those spongy dodecahedrons from “By Any Other Name!” (I shake my head at your loss of Geek cred.) In that one the security guard actually survived. And contrary to science fiction and horror conventions that followed, the black man lived!

Nay, John, it was the beautiful yeoman. People mock Shatner’s acting, but give him a good Star Trek script and he could really carry the scene, and be complex with it.

The aliens zapped two crew members into dodecahedrons amidst the landing party. They crumbled one, then restored the other. You can see the relief on Kirk’s face that the one man survived, then the sorrow/anger about the death of the other. You get the sense he would have had the same reaction the other way ’round, too.

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