Goth Chick News: A Black Gate Indy Film Exclusive: Outpost 13

Goth Chick News: A Black Gate Indy Film Exclusive: Outpost 13

image0041There’s almost nothing as cool as getting an exclusive — unless it’s an exclusive from an up-and-coming film maker.

When one considers that every director who ever created a blockbuster was once a struggling artist thrashing about in the low-budget trenches, one imagines that when said directors finally hit the big time, they’ll remember those who recognized genius and encouraged them in their leaner years, then invite those people to high-power lunch meetings and red-carpet events which steadfast supporters can only daydream about today.

Right, Wyatt?

Wyatt Weed from Pirate Pictures, along with his colleagues at State of Mind Productions, are the creative force behind the new indy short-film project Outpost 13 and they’ve granted an exclusive screening to Black Gate readers before the film is released to the wider viewing audience.

Yes, that’s right. An exclusive. Which ranks Wyatt Weed above Ridley Scott, who only sends us the trailers about five minutes before everyone else gets them.

Influenced by the classic 70s SF film Silent Running, Outpost 13 follows a solitary scientist on a mission to save a post-apocalyptic Earth.

It’s easy to imagine it as a trailer for a feature film but surprising to discover that a little over a year ago, Outpost 13 began life as an entry to a contest.

Wyatt Weed
Wyatt Weed

Wyatt had considered entering the contest and had been working on a script. A few weeks later, while shooting a music video with Corey Logsdon (of Zombie Epidemic fame) and Billy Hartzel, two members of State of Mind Productions, they discussed collaborating on the project.

They tossed around some concept ideas and realized they were on to something. Pirate Pictures partnered with State of Mind to shoot a script developed by Billy (Wyatt ended up preferring Billy’s approach). Corey offered to direct and Wyatt came in as the director of photography.

The resulting short can only be seen here at Black Gate for the next week before it goes into wider circulation.

Wyatt Weed is also the writer/director of the feature vampire thriller Shadowland which has won several awards and been screened around the globe since we first told you about it.

Now Outpost 13 is about to grow a whole lot bigger than its humble roots, and Wyatt has promised to bring us along for the ride. So whether you’re an aspiring film maker or just curious how the whole process works, stay tuned here for more insider scoop.

Have a question for Wyatt about the indy film biz? Or are you an aspiring film maker who wouldn’t mind taking a goth chick to your blockbuster premier? Post a comment or drop a line to

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