Pulp RPG Action with Dicey Tales

Pulp RPG Action with Dicey Tales

dicey-tales-1Anyone whose been reading the Black Gate game review column knows how much I loved Jeff Mejia’s Legends of Steel, in a large part due to his love for (and obvious knowledge of) the sword-and-sorcery genre. Jeff knew how to present the game material, provide atmospheric and plotting suggestions, and in general wrote a book so useful to sword-and-sorcery gaming that it should be picked up even by those GMs working with fantasy adventure who have no interest in the game system itself.

Now Jeff has turned to the pulps — two-fisted action featuring jungle men, rocket-pack heroes, roving archeologists, Nazis and gangsters, daredevil pilots, and more — and wrought the same kind of magic. Dicey Tales uses the acclaimed (and excellent) Barbarians of Lemuria role-playing system to provide the same kind of loving detail to one of the best eras for high-flying adventure. The e-magazine includes two action-packed scenarios, a character generation system, rules for bringing the pulp era to life, strange powers employed by pulp heroes, and more goodies. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks Jeff has knocked another product out of the park, for Dicey Tales is already rocketing to the top of the RPGnow download list. Check it out!

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Scott Taylor

This looks awesome! I want more time to game so I can invest in stuff like this! đŸ˜‰

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