April Realms of Fantasy Now on Sale

April Realms of Fantasy Now on Sale

rof-april-2011The April issue (issue 99) of Realms of Fantasy is now on sale.

This issues includes fiction from Randy Henderson, Michelle M. Welch, Lisa Goldstein, Euan Harvey, and Von Carr. Non-fiction includes a column by Resa Nelson on zombie cinema, Theodora Goss’ “Folkroots” column on vampires, an editorial and review (“The Addams Family on Broadway”) by Douglas Cohen, Karen Haber’s “Artists Gallery” on cover artist Brom; and book review columns by Paul Witcover, Elizabeth Bear, Michael Jones (covering Young Adult novels), and Andrew Wheeler (on graphic novels). A complete PDF table of contents is here.

We last reported on Realms of Fantasy with issue their February issue.

Rich Horton reviewed this issue in the May Locus, saying:

The April issue of Realms of Fantasy is a special Dark Fantasy issue… It’s a very strong issue, for whatever reason. Every story is good, and the definition of ‘‘dark’’ is loose enough to include a comic story, ‘‘The Strange Case of Madeline H. Marsh (Aged 14 ¼)’’ by Von Carr, about an 8th grade girl who needs to deal with Lovecraftian Dark Gods in her basement. Euan Harvey’s ‘‘By Shackle and Lash’’ is a strong Persian-flavored story about a couple of soldiers whose cowardice gets them assigned to cleaning duty in a prison… The best story here is ‘‘Little Vampires’’ by Lisa Goldstein, which beautifully dovetails three stories: a Halloween tale about a girl visiting a sinister house, a darker story told by a Hungarian émigré about her escape from the Nazis and its cost, and the framing tale of an elderly mother telling these stories to her daughter.

ROF is edited by Douglas Cohen. The fiction editor Shawna McCarthy. Issues are $6.99 (print) or $3.99 (PDF). Cover art by Brom.

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My story’s sword and sorcery, and the rest I’m sure will be good. Waiting for my copy at the moment.

Douglas Cohen

Thank for the shout-out, John. One small correction if I may: this is actually issue 99. The June issue will be # 100 (woo hoo!)

Douglas Cohen

Thanks! I gave the latest issue of Black Gate a shout-out on the RoF Facebook account.

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