The Monks Are Coming: MONK PUNK

The Monks Are Coming: MONK PUNK

Static Movement Press’s new anthology of multi-genre monk tales, MONK PUNK, is finally available from Pill Hill Press Book Shoppe. It will be available from Amazon within the week.

The book features my story “Where the White Lotus Grows,” which was inspired partly by my love of the ’70s KUNG FU television show (starring David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine).

Caine remains one of the most iconic characters in television, and for good reason. KUNG FU, which was co-developed by the great Bruce Lee, contrasted Zen and Taoist philosophy with the savage violence of the Old West. As a child, I spent hours absorbing the lessons of Caine and his venerable mentors, Master Kahn and Master Po, watching this peaceful soul wander through world of brutal conflict in search of peace. There has never been a television show with this much soul-deep wisdom at the very core of its concept.

 “Where the White Lotus Grows” reimagines this idea of the “peaceful warrior” in a dark fantasy setting. It stars Kantoh, a Disciple of the Empty Hand. Imperial soldiers and demonic forces dog his steps as he walks a dangerous path whose destination even he does not know. But the greatest threat to his cryptic mission may be his own human compassion.

TOC and other cool stuff after the jump…

Other tales in MONK PUNK include horror, sci-fi, and other genres, with the presences of Eastern or Western style monks the one consistent element. According to the anthology’s editor A.J. French: “Monk Punk is a variant strain of science fiction where lovable monks are the heroes (or anti-heros) of events unfolding in a post-apocalyptic era, alt-history era, fantasy setting, or historical fiction setting.”

Here’s the complete MONK PUNK Table of Contents:

The Second Coming by Joe Jablonski
Nasrudin: Desert Monk by Barry Rosenberg
The Last Monk by George Ivanoff
Snowfall by JC Andrijeski
Don’t Bite My Finger by Geoff Nelder
The Birth of God by Jeffrey Sorensen
Capital Sins in a Dominican Monastery by Gayle Arrowood
Suitcase Nuke by Sean Monaghan
Wonder and Glory by Adrian Chamberlin
The Just One by Willie Meikle
Vortex by Joshua Ramey-Renk
The Liturgy of Hours by Dean M Drinkel
Black Rose by Robert Harkess
The Cult of Adam by Mark Iles
Brethren of Fire by Zach Black
Xenocyte: A Kiomarra Story by Caleb Heath
The Path of Li Xi by A.J. French
Rannoch Abbey and the Night Visitor by Dave Fragments
Fistful of Tengu by David J. West
The Key to Happiness by R.B. Payne
The Power of Gods by Sean T. M. Stiennon
Citipati by Suzanne Robb
Where the White Lotus Grows by John R. Fultz

MONK PUNK is available right now at


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