Get Out the Vote

Get Out the Vote

I may be addressing a small number of folk here, but I wanted to call attention to a few folks who I think deserve some credit. So… if you happen to have attended the 2006 or 2007 World Fantasy Convention and are in the mood to vote for such categories as Life Achievement, I hope you’ll lend me your ears.

Here’s who I’ll be voting for, Life Achievement wise — Glenn Lord. Who’s that, and why should we care? Well, Glenn Lord’s the man who tracked down, on his own initiative, hundreds of Robert E. Howard stories and texts in the 1950s. He then safeguarded those texts for many decades and eventually became the agent for the Howard heirs — not because of any desire for self-aggrandizement, but because he cared deeply for the stories. Without what has been a lifetime of work on Lord’s part, numerous stories would now be lost, and outlines, alternate takes, correspondance, and other matters would not be available to scholars. Fantasy fans owe him a big thanks, and the least we can do is vote him this award.

You can’t just drop by and vote for one category, though. So allow me to make another suggestion — I’ll be voting for Leo Grin in Special Award, non-professional. Leo runs the Black Gate web site, but he’s up for nomination again this year (third year!) because of his sterling work on The Cimmerian, the journal of Robert E. Howard studies. If you want some small idea of the quality work he does, drop by The Cimmerian web site.

Here’s where to find a ballot (read the fine-print on the ballot — you can e-mail it once you know the categegories). Don’t delay, though. I believe votes can only be made through the end of June!

I’ve got a stack of interesting things to post — I hope to upload more things later this week.


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