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A Review of The Return of the Sword

Sunday, June 1st, 2008 | Posted by Web Master

For those who enjoy Sword& and the quarterly fiction magazine Flashing Swords, there’s a new anthology to pick up. The Return of the Sword, edited by Jason M. Waltz, trumpets “Flashing Swords presents” on the cover, and among its contributors are many veterans of the that venerable enterprise.

Black Gate correspondent Ryan Harvey has explored the entire book, and gives you the lowdown on pieces by Stacey Berg, Bill Ward, Phil Emery, Jeff Draper, Nicholas Ian Hawkins, David Pitchford, Ty Johnston, Jeff Stewart, Angeline Hawkes, Robert Rhodes, E. E. Knight, James Enge, Michael Ehart, Thomas M. MacKay, Christopher Heath, Nathan Meyer, S. C. Bryce, Allen B. Lloyd, William Clunie, Steve Goble, Bruce Durham, and Harold Lamb. There’s something for everyone, so click on he link below and let Ryan be your guide.



  1. […] “…one of the most intense and violent selections…it…up-ends readers’ expectations about its avenger’s true motives.” ~ Ryan Harvey […]

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  2. […] “…the strongest characterization in the anthology. [Hawkins] delves into a realistic portrayal of an aging hero…” ~ Ryan Harvey […]

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