Return of the Sword

Return of the Sword

Today I want to give a shout out for a book from the minds at the new Flashing Swords E-zine.

Return of the Sword is a multi-author collection of adventure stories. If you’re looking for sword-slinging, action-packed mayhem then you ought to be pretty happy with what you’ll find within. (If you’re more into lit fantasy or urban women who sleep with vampires, then you should probably wander elsewhere, but I won’t be wandering with you.)

In addition to featuring a Morlock story by Black Gate stalwart James Enge, the book contains a thrilling Cossack short from Harold Lamb, tales from authors who’ve sold stories to future issues of Black Gate, like S. C. Bryce and Robert Rhodes, and fiction from numerous friends and colleagues now working with Black Gate or dating back to my own tenure at Flashing Swords, like Bruce Durham, Nathan Meyer, Steve Goble, Thomas MacKay, Allen Lloyd and Bill Clunie, and many others. RotS editor Jason Waltz asked me to introduce both the Harold Lamb story and an in-depth (and interesting, and helpful) essay on fiction writing by E. E. Knight, so my name’s on the table of contents as well.

If heroic fiction and sword-and-sorcery are your thing, or maybe just an occasional guilty pleasure, I urge you to pick up this book. Jason and the rest of the crew at the new Flashing Swords are out fighting the good fight trying to give folks another market for adventure fantasy. They need your support.

For even more details, Eric has covered the book in great depth. Click on the picture above for more information.

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