Getting that Profile Going

Getting that Profile Going

I mostly blame this blog on Harry Connolly, who had once suggested to John that a Black Gate blog would be of interest. John and I discussed a blog as I was first coming on board the magazine, and I decided to put one together once I’d made deeper inroads into the slush. Here it is, for better or worse.

I set it up as “bg_editor” so that either John or myself could post, but John has his hands quite full with sundry Black Gate duties, so I’ve finally just realized I’m stuck with this thing and decided to fill out the profile or user info or whatever it’s called with my interests and my bio. In an odd way, it feels like I’ve finally acknowledged that yes, I do have a blog. Mostly it’s about Black Gate, but I’ve let other stuff that’s of interest to me creep in. I’d get bored if all I did was report on slush status and what not.

Coming soon — a sneak peek at the contents of issue 12.


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