Fireworks and Vampires and Updates

Fireworks and Vampires and Updates

Valentine’s Resolve

For the last few years I usually get to see my friends Eric Knight and his wife Chats on or around the 4th of July. At our old house we had a magnificent view of the local municipal fireworks from the highest hill in the city; from our new place we don’t have a view of much of anything (the one drawback about living here) although we can hear people sounding off firecrackers late into the night for several days before and after. (As an aside, I’ve never really gotten the point of firing off huge amounts of firecrackers. I loves me the pretty lights, but I just don’t get the joy of purposefully creating a bunch of loud noise.)

Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to see Eric and Chats; not only is it the one time a year that our local role-playing group indulges in a college-style marathon gaming session, they’re good people and we enjoy their company. This year, instead of welcoming them into our home on the holiday I’m welcoming Eric’s new book into the home.

Yep, there it is, and danged if it isn’t the best novel of David Valentine yet. Number six if you’re counting. These aren’t your sister’s vampire novels where the vampire is really just a troubled soul aching to make love to the woman who really understands him. Nah, forget that. These are like WWII French resistance movies crossed with the setting from the Road Warrior, with the part of the Nazis played by life-sucking aliens. Action and more action, great settings, compelling characters, monstrous villains, heroism… It’s great stuff, well-plotted and with plenty of surprising turns.

I’ve known Eric since a little before these books were launched by ROC, and this success couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. It’s heartening to see someone you know rise in stature and publish well-received book after well-received book. Eric’s earned this success by hard work, perseverance, study, and natural talent, now honed to a sharp edge. He is firmly committed to passing on all that he has learned about writing, both in courses taught at a local college, and through insightful articles online, not to mention in person should you happen to be in the neighborhood. And he’s a loyal friend; one you can trust to tell you the straight truth and one who’s got your back, for he always stands up for what, and who, he believes in. He’s a class act and deserves all that good he’s earned.

So get out and by that book already!

Black Gate Updates

I’m turning over the rest of the non-fiction today, and John has nearly everything else layed out.

I’ve been receiving queries about submissions. Right now we’re both taking a break from subs so we can get the magazine out. We’ll resume reading submissions in a just a week or so. I can’t predict how many more months it will take, but certainly before year’s end we’ll have worked through every submission, and when we re-open for subs we’ll never let this sort of backup take place again. We’re sorry about the delayed responses and ask you to be patient with us for just a little bit longer. 


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