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Author: Charlene Brusso

The cure for Trilogy Fatigue: Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker

The cure for Trilogy Fatigue: Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker

warbreaker-smallAnyone familiar with the Mistborn series knows Sanderson is expert at spinning fantasy stories packed with memorable characters, crisply detailed settings, unique magic, and major helpings of intrigue. Lately he’s been feted as the writer continuing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. While I realize that from a purely professional standpoint, the deal was a no-brainer, I hope cleaning up the WoT‘s loose ends won’t keep this talented author from giving us more of his own marvelous work.

Those suffering from “trilogy fatigue” will be happy to learn that Warbreaker is a stand-alone story. Welcome to Hallandren, a vast and mighty empire ruled by God King Susebron. The Hallandren capital T’Telir is a city of wonders and dangers, thanks to the Awakeners, sorcerers who use the color of everyday objects to control the life force called Breath and feed their BioChromatic magic.

Appalled at the innocent lives spent to fuel the Awakeners’ magic, the true ruling family of Hallandren escaped to remote Idris. No one wears color in pious Idris. No one weaves bright tapestries, paints lush landscapes, or glazes pots to a rich sheen, all for fear of Awakener magic. And Idrians born with Awakener abilities strive to hide them at any cost.

But things are about to change.

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