Goth Chick News – It’s Never Too Early to Talk About Halloween

Goth Chick News – It’s Never Too Early to Talk About Halloween

Let me start by saying yes, I know it’s only June, aka ‘summer’…

But here in the subterranean office of Goth Chick News we literally only hit pause on Halloween for the last two weeks of December, and then grudgingly. Aside from that we are either thinking about, planning for, or attending Halloween activities and we are definitely not alone.

For example, we were crushed this year to miss out on our annual February sabbatical to the Halloween and Attractions Show industry convention in St. Louis, which is the normal kickoff event of the Goth Chick year. Our incredible friends at Transworld who run that event also hold another event closer to home, and this is where Black Gate photog Chris Z and I spent last Saturday.


Unlike the HAS, the Midwest Haunters Convention is open to the public and is therefore the largest Halloween show of its kind in the US, being accessible to all haunters, actors, home/pro haunters and Halloween enthusiasts. The 2024 MHC, which was held June 7-9, and was hosted at the Rosemont Convention Center near O’Hare airport. This year’s event featured 150 horror and Halloween vendors, as well as educational seminars and workshops.

With last year’s attendance clocking in at over 5000 people per day, literally thousands of Halloween devotees from the Midwest and beyond descended on Chicagoland on a balmy June weekend to indulge in all things haunt-related (It’s summer you say? Whatever…).


So, cue Ministry’s song “Every Day is Halloween” and let’s wade in, shall we?

The convention hall was huge, so it was easy to eyeball 150 exhibitors and wonder if that ultimate number wasn’t higher. Like the HAS, every manner of haunt industry goodies was represented from the expected costumes and masks, to special effects and props in a much more home-haunter-friendly price range. Speaking for Chris Z and me, this was the perfect chance to collect ideas for our own home displays aimed at sending the neighborhood kids straight into therapy. Here are a few standout things we saw.

Inkfection Collection

The Inkfection Collection was a unique offering for the slightly off-center, tattooed person in your life. Inkfection will make a perfect life-sized replica of any tattoo, place it on a media which resembles human skin, and stretch it in a frame. In other words, it’s as if someone flayed off tattooed skin and made art out of it. Okay, I realize this is somewhat disturbing, but come on. You have to admit that no one else will be gifting this to your tattooed friend at the next holiday. And just think of the conversation-starter this would be if you had your own tattoo displayed this way at your next cocktail party.

Personally, I have always wanted to own some manner of Frankenstein’s laboratory machines for display in my library. You know what I mean – the towers with the lightning running up and down a glass tube sitting on dials and levers. Though we’ve seen such devices for sale at other conventions, they were always a bit cost prohibitive.

I’ll be building this!

But thanks to the Mini Spotlight Company, I’m finally getting my wish. Coming soon to their website are mini Jacob’s Ladder effects, about 5” high and powered by USB. Chris and I pounced, buying two each with a view to create our own small version of the lab equipment. This made me ridiculously happy.

Chocolate Treasures

Finally, for something humerus (sorry, couldn’t help it) there was the incredible art by a company called Chocolate Treasures, located in Ohio. True, they do amazingly detailed work to suit any occasion, from weddings to birthdays. But their Halloween-themed creations were something to behold.

There was a 4lb solid chocolate skull and a hand holding a heart under glass. I was particularly fond of the chocolate skull which came with a miniature hammer. The idea was to break the skull apart to find a small treasure inside. A perfect romantic gift for all your holiday needs.

Then, having had our fix of monsters, zombies and edible body parts for the time being, Chris Z and I headed back to the suburbs, safe in the knowledge that though it might be June, it was only 113 short days to spooky season…

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