Goth Chick News Interviews Rick Styczynski, Actor In Terrifier 2 and Owner of 13X Studios

Goth Chick News Interviews Rick Styczynski, Actor In Terrifier 2 and Owner of 13X Studios

Rick Styczynski, owner of 13X Studios and star of Terrifier 2 was one of our favorite people we met last November at the Days of the Dead convention. He was manning his booth of custom Jason hockey masks, which if like me you had a few Friday the 13th fans on your gift list, was reason enough to stop for a chat.

Styczynski’s creativity is impressive, and it wasn’t too far into opening night of DotD before his booth was several people deep and he was doing a brisk business. However, we were lucky enough to meet him before the doors opened and learn that he had a part in the indie franchise Terrifier, specifically in the second installment, Terrifier 2, which was released in 2022. Styczynski was more than happy to chat about his art and his acting and was super grateful and welcoming to all the fans we heard him talking to later in the day.

I knew then that I needed to know more about him. So, though our respective schedules meant it took a while for us to connect, I am pleased to now have the chance to introduce you to Rick Styczynski, star of Terrifier 2 and owner of 13X Studios.


Everyone, meet Rick.

Rick, meet everyone.

GC: Tell us a bit about your background – which came first, art or acting?

RS: I grew up with a sports background and zero art and acting ability. Then later in life I played poker for a living. Then one day I just woke up and said I want to make Jason masks. And 13X Studios was born. The acting gigs came later.

We loved your masks when we saw them at Days of the Dead. What was your inspiration?

Being a Friday the 13th fan, I truly get inspired every day when creating a new mask. I try and stay on top of all the new horror and pop culture. And having fun is always my goal.

I understand you have some interesting mask collaborations. Can you tell us more?

The first big deal I got was with filmmaker Kevin Smith. I made a Jay and Silent Bob mask and someone took a picture of it and sent it to him. Forty-eight hours later I had an exclusive deal. My other big partnership is with Kane Hodder for some of my limited-edition masks. Kane played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th parts 7-10.

You played “Selfie Guy” in Terrifier 2. How did you become involved in the film?

A few years back I met Terrifier director Damien Leone at a horror con. And a few shots later he asked me to be in Terrifier 2. Shooting took a few years as we had to battle through Covid.

Terrifier has literally been crowdfunded into existence, with the fans being the main drivers behind the follow-on films and the continued success of Art the Clown. What do you hear from fans about why they are so passionate about the films?

I think the fans want to grow with the movie they donate to. I know Terrifier 2 hit its budget goal in a few days (GC: it raised $215K on Indiegogo). I never have been involved in any crowdfunding personally but I totally get the excitement to help a project. I’m in a new movie soon and I know they will be doing (a crowdfunding campaign). So, I definitely will help any way I can.

You are also a director and producer of 8 short films. Are these horror or different genres?

I had lots of fun in my past with some short films in which I dipped into multiple genres. Recently, I did my first documentary called Selfie King which pretty much was a mockumentary of the Selfie Guy’s life (from Terrifier 2). But I’m very proud of it and it has lots of celebrities in it. You can find it on YouTube. I planned on a Part 2 but life gets very busy with my business.

What is the most challenging aspect of filmmaking either in front of or behind the camera?

I think the issue for me is time. Again, with my business I unfortunately have declined a ton of movies. I just want to pick and choose the ones I truly believe in. I also started a treatment for a film which could even start as a short film. But getting the time to actually do it is the main issue.

What elements of the horror genre do you find most intriguing?

For me hands down is the cinematography! And the blood. Add them together and I’m sold. Terrifier‘s George Stueber is the best in the game. Watching him with the camera and Damien direct was pretty awesome! I also love music. Not just the score, but I like to hear what songs lead a movie.

What aspects of the movie-making process do you find most rewarding?

I love the editing process as you can finally put everything together and see what you have accomplished. A documentary is much easier than a film of course, but it’s still the same enjoyment at the end.

Can you give Terrifier fans any inside info on the next film?

The only thing I could say about Terrifier 3 is that it’s a Christmas movie.

Will “Selfie Guy” be back?

We shall see if Selfie Guy is back. I’d say yes as I have a huge cult following, but if not, it’s been a hell of a ride.

What’s next for your career?

What’s next for me is Bryn Dami’s Never Return in which I play a cop. Shooting begins in the summer. And as always, I’m 24/7 for 13X Studios, appearing at all your favorite conventions.

A huge thanks to Rick for taking time to share his story. His masks are available for sale at his Etsy store, and both Terrifier movies are streaming on Amazon Prime. See if Self Guy reprises his role in Terrifier 3, landing in theaters on October 25 (with an estimated budget of $2M by the way).

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