New Treasures: Silver Queendom by Dan Koboldt

New Treasures: Silver Queendom by Dan Koboldt

Silver Queendom (Angry Robot, August 23, 2022). Cover design by Alice Claire Coleman

Have you ever made a purchase decision less than halfway through the book description?

That’s exactly what happened to me on Sunday at Barnes & Noble, about ten seconds after I picked up Dan Koboldt’s Silver Queendom and read:

Service at the Red Rooster Inn leaves much to be desired. The innkeeper, Darin, has a scowl for every new face. The homebrewed ale seems to grow less palatable with each new batch. The barmaid, Evie, only seems to work when wealthy young men are around, and the old witch Seraphina ensures that’s not too often. As for Big Tom, well, everyone learns quickly to stay on the bouncer’s good side. There’s a reason everyone in the Red Rooster crew is bad at their job… by night, they’re the best team of con artists in the Old Queendom.

That’s all I needed to decide to take the book home with me.

[Click the images for versions worthy of a Queen.]

The Gateways to Alissia trilogy (Harper Voyager, 2016-2018). Covers uncredited

Dan Koboldt is the author of the Gateways to Alissia trilogy from Harper Voyager (The Rogue Retrieval, The Island Deception, and The World Awakening), and the non-fiction titles Putting the Science in Fiction and Putting the Fact in Fantasy (Writer’s Digest Books, 2018 and 2022).

Silver Queendom is a new setting, and maybe the opener of a new series? I suppose time will tell.

Silver Queendom has been called an “entertaining ride of a story” by Booklist, and received a star review at Library Journal. Here’s an excerpt:

Times are lean, and Darin and his crew are in hock up to their necks when a big payday lands in their laps. The only problem is that it’s attached to an impossible job that will probably leave them all with a price on their heads — if those heads are still attached. All they have to do is steal the queen’s caravan of priceless dream wine from the deadliest guards in the world. They can’t resist the challenge or the payday and plan the heist of a lifetime… This epic fantasy about a crew of misfits with just a touch of magic and heartbreaking backstories is a rollicking good time of a read.

Read the whole review by Marlene Harris at Library Journal.

Silver Queendom was published by Angry Robot on August 23, 2022. It is 407 pages, priced at $16.99 in trade paperback and $6.99 in digital formats. The cover is by Alice Claire Coleman. Get more details and read a the complete first chapter at Dan Koboldt’s website here.

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Wayne Ligon

“Have you ever made a purchase decision less than halfway through the book description?”
Yep, just now.

Troy chrisman

the fine art of marketing – well played, well written, and well……
I ordered a copy.

damn fine work.

Keith West

Great decision, John. I read this a couple of months ago and loved it. And the opening paragraph pulled me in and didn’t let go.


I did the exact same thing a couple months ago when i was at Barnes and Nobles. I haven’t read it yet though


will do. if there’s any interest i did a review for Conan: Serpent of Blood over at a couple weeks ago:

Alec Semicognito

There’s no way a fantasy writer’s real name is “Koboldt.” 😉

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