A Fast-Action Space Romp: The Disasters by M. K. England

A Fast-Action Space Romp: The Disasters by M. K. England

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Nax has wanted to be a space pilot his whole life, but he washes out of the Academy on his very first day. Walking to the shuttle that will take him back to Earth in disgrace, he realizes that he will never get behind the controls of a real spaceship. His dream of cruising among the stars is over before it even began. He’ll spend the rest of his life on his family’s farm, feeding chickens and herding goats.

Three other Academy rejects are waiting for the shuttle when he arrives at the gate: Case the girl genius, Zee the athletic doctor, and Rion the smooth-talking diplomat.

The shuttle arrives. They’re about to board it when Case notices something bright blue and green on its hull.

That’s when the lights go out and alarms start to sound.

Six soldiers in black vacuum suits spill out of the shuttle and invade the station. Four head for the control room. Two stay to guard the shuttle.

Gunshots. Bodies hit the floor. The attackers are taking out everyone in their path.

There’s the hiss of air escaping. The loudspeaker cackles, announcing a life support error in atmospherics. The station only has two minutes of breathable air remaining.

Nax takes charge. “The shuttle, now!”

All four sprint across the loading zone, totally exposed.

More gunshots – pointed at them, this time.

They run straight into the guards. Good thing Zee is a total badass. After disposing of one, she kicks the other senseless right before she’s going to shoot Nax.

They board the shuttle, and Nax leaps into the pilot’s seat. He doesn’t have a flight permit. He’s never flown a real craft before. Only simulators.

But he can sure fly. He’s just gotten the shuttle off the station when the last of its air filters out if it in a billowing cloud.

Everyone onboard who hadn’t been wearing a vacuum suit is dead , including all their teachers and classmates at the Academy. Nax, Case, Zee and Rion are the attack’s only survivors. They had thought that fate had dealt them a losing hand. But they’re actually the luckiest people on the whole station.

Except that’s when the invaders’ spaceships start coming for them. The attackers have weapons, while they’re stuck in an unarmed shuttle.

Nax’s display flashes red. The enemy has missile lock on them.

In M. K. England’s The Disasters, Nax and his group of misfits must save the universe from terrorists who aim to destroy humanity’s space colonies and take over Earth. This fast-action space romp moves at a nearly breathless pace. It’s unclear if the novel’s title refers to the main characters themselves, or the chain of terrible events that befalls them. Either way, it’s a highly enjoyable read that keeps readers flipping pages. Anyone who has ever felt like a failure will appreciate the book’s story of redemption. As Nax and his friends come into their own, it becomes clear that the Academy grossly misjudged them.

Harper Teen published The Disasters in December 2018. It is YA librarian England’s debut. The publisher’s list prices are $17.99 for the hardcover, $10.99 for the paperback, $8.99 for the ebook, and $23.99 for the digital audiobook. To read a sample, point your browser here.

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