Future Treasures: 95 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books to Read in 2018

Future Treasures: 95 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books to Read in 2018

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Hand in hand with the new year comes brand new schedules from the major genre publishers like Tor, DAW, Ace, Angry Robot, Solaris, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and many others. The Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog has compiled a magnificent list of 95 Books Sci-Fi & Fantasy Editors Can’t Wait for You to Read in 2018, and I was surprised and delighted to see Black Gate authors well represented, including Myke Coke, Todd McAulty, and Patrice Sarath.

There’s also plenty of other enticing titles, including books by W. Michael Gear, Tim Powers, Yoon Ha Lee, Seanan McGuire, Jim Butcher, S.K.Dunstall, Peter McLean, David Weber, Kristen Britain, Sylvain Neuvel, Carrie Vaughn, Dale Bailey, Molly Tanzer, Rich Larson, Kameron Hurley, Nancy Springer, Peter Watts, Ian McDonald, Dan Abnett, and many others. Here’s a few of the hightlights.

The Armored Saint, by Myke Cole (Tor.com, 208 pages, $17.99 in hardcover, February 20)

This is a fabulous tale of bravery versus doubt, of magic versus religion and of humanity versus its demons (both real and metaphorical). A truly action-packed fantasy, with a heroine you can’t help but adore, and Myke Cole’s long-overdue foray into hardcover fiction. Book one in a series of three, and one not to be missed! — Lee Harris

The Robots of Gotham, by Todd McAulty (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 688 pages, $26 in hardcover, June 19, 2018)

In 2083, the world is on the brink of total subjugation by machines. In Chicago, now governed by brutal machine masters, Canadian businessman Barry Simcoe stumbles on a sinister conspiracy to exterminate humanity — and a group of human and machine misfits who might just be able to prevent it.


Outpost, by W. Michael Gear (DAW, 432 pages, $26 in hardcover, February 20)

This new series launch from bestselling author W. Michael Gear introduces the planet Donovan, a promised paradise hiding deadly secrets. As conflicts rise between Donovan’s surviving colonists and newly arrived corporate supervisors, matters only grow worse. A ghost ship has appeared in orbit; though it has only been missing for two years, its crew appears dead of old age and the ship itself reeks of a bizarre death-cult ritual. Meanwhile, a killer stalks the inhabitants of the planet, colonists and supervisors alike — for Donovan plays its own complex and deadly game. This book has already won praise from SFWA Grandmaster C. J. Cherryh, who calls it “an intriguing and inventive new work.”

Read the complete list at the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog here.

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Armoured Saint was also an 80’s metal band:)

Sarah Avery

Can’t wait to read The Robots of Gotham!

Todd McAulty

Thanks Sarah!

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